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Baseball disappointments-name your 2 or 3 worst

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    Originally posted by catcher24
    The way they "reconciled" that 1981 strike by dividing the season didn't make a whole lot of people happy.
    My choice after the 1981 strike would have been to revert to a straight league for the season and let the two teams with the best record go straight to the World Series. It would have made more sense than the asanine, class b minor league split season format. Heck, Kansas City made the cut and they were under .500 that year.

    I remember how ticked off my dad was about the strike. He said they should make the greedy ba$tard$ play double headers every day and play as late in the year as necessary in order to finish the *%$&*@ 162 game season. Now that resolution would have made them think twice about striking again. But then, I doubt it.


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      1. 2001 Game 7 of the WS, largely for the reasons mentioned before (it just didn't seem POSSIBLE that we would lose).

      2. Dodgers leave Brooklyn (yeah, I wasn't born yet, but to this day, my grandmother gets misty eyed when she tells me about what she was doing when she heard they were leaving... and my mother, who had been a big baseball fan as a kid, stopped watching the game and hasn't seen a baseball game since).

      3. Barry Bonds NOT tripping on a storm grate at the age of 20 and prematurely ending his baseball career.
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        My Most Disappointing Moments

        #1. GAME 4-1983 ALCS;White Sox starter Britt Burns was pitching the game of his life against the Baltimore Orioles in Game 4,with the White Sox facing elimination.Late in the game,White Sox SS Jerry Dybzynski was hung up betwen 2nd and 3rd base squashing what could have been the game winner.Then in the 10th inning with the score 0-0,burns gave up an upper deck home run to tito Landrum on his 150th pitch.The o's won the game 3-0 in 10,and the '83 pennant.

        #2. GAME 5- 1981 NLCS;With the Montreal Expos just a few outs away from bringing home Canada's 1st pennant.Expos ace Steve rogers was summoned form the bullpen to lock up the series.But Dodger OF Rick Monday had other ideas.He sent a fastball over the right center field wall as Andre Dawson lept in vain.The Dodgers would win the game and the '81 pennant in ice cold Olympic Stadium.


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          1) Game seven 2001 Series. Mostly for the ball that Mariano Rivera threw away, but also for what happened earlier. The blown call in the second when Paul O'neil was called out at third when everyone knew he was safe. Had that call been made right, he would have scored on that next fly ball and the ninth inning is played completly different.

          2)1995 ALDS. For Donnie Baseball to get that far and have the rug pulled out...

          3)1997 series in total. Two wild card teams in the biggest show on earth! Sacrelige.
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            Hey Retire, as I believe, even as a Yankee fan, the O'Neill play was not a blown call at all. The throw beat him, the tag beat him. There was no argument from O'Neill or Torre that I remember or mention of a questionable call from Joe Buck, Tim McCarver or Dan Patrick who did the SportsCenter hilight of it that night. It was also the first inning, not the second.
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              October 16, 1985 at Exhibition Stadium, Toronto

              TIGERS WIN THE EAST!

              Final seven games of 1987 schedule


              October 19, 1981 at Stade Olympique, Montreal
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       :grouchy :grouchy
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                  The 1985 Cubs. They got off to a good start after their great 1984 Season (for Cubs anyway) and then injuries to the pitching staff submarined the cubs chances after a couple of months. The Cubs were in first place by four games on June 11th, and then like a typical Cubs team they then lost 13 games in a row to send them 4.5 games back. A place they never really recovered from.

                  1989 Cubs Playoffs. Going 4-1 in the playoffs that year after very good performances out of Grace, MAddux, Sandberg, Bielecki, and Williams was crushing.

                  2001 Cubs season. AS of Sept 1st the Cubs hold a slim lead on the Wild Card spot and are 3 games back of the division lead. They then go 12-15 and finish 5 games back. With the Cubs losing 4 games out of 6 to the Pirates (one of the worst teams in the majors that year and losing two out of three against the MArlins who ended up only winning 76 games that year. Throw in a sweep by thge Braves right after they dropped two to Florida and the season was gone. That is 9 losses that if they managed to win just one against the Braves and 4 more against the Pirates and Marlins and presto a three way tie for first. Yeah at that point that is kind of a long shot but this was a team that was in first place all the way until the middle of August and still had a shot at the playoffs going into September.

                  2005 WS. No matter how it went it wasn't going to be good. either the Astros win or the Sox.


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                    Bill Buckner...
                    I think thats all that needs to be said...
                    The catcher


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                      1982 - Joe Morgan homer off Terry Forster

                      1985 - Ozzie Smith Homer off Tom Niedenfuer.

                      1985 - Jack ******* Clark homer off Tom ******* Niedenfuer.

                      1998 O'Malley sells Dodgers to FOX.


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                        Originally posted by Jose Tartabul
                        Mine are:

                        1. Bud Selig being appointed acting commisioner
                        2. Bud Selig being appointed commisioner
                        3. Bud Selig remaining commisioner
                        Besides that, my disappointments were the following:

                        The Marlins beating the Yankees (I stopped following the Yanks after that)

                        The Yankees collapse against Boston, make me laugh hahahaha but was a little disappointing.

                        The Braves beating the Tribe (I hated the Braves and considered the Indians a superior team in 1995)

                        The Tribe beating the Orioles (I was still upset at them for losing to Atlanta in 1995)

                        Arizona beating Mariano Rivera in game 7 (Mariano was shown dead nervous when he was in the dugout before coming out at the bottom of the 9th)
                        Last Player to hit for the Cycle: Matt Kemp, San Diego Padres (August 14, 2015)

                        Last Pitcher to throw a Regular Season No-Hitter: Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals 2-0 (October 3, 2015)

                        Last Pitcher to throw a Postseason No-Hitter: Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies 4-0 (October 6, 2010)


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                          As an Expo fan my bad Memories trump most others...

                          1) 1994 lockout ends season as the Expos are in first place with a stacked team at 77-40 and have great shot at finally winning the World Series.

                          2) 1995, 1996 All the great players on 1994 team leave town

                          3) The Washington Nationals


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                            1. End of 1991 season. The Hated Giants broke my 8 year old heart ( But my father told me after the last game we will get the Giants back and we did in 93 )

                            2. O'Malley selling the team

                            3. The disappointing 90's( First decade the Dodgers weren't in a World Series since the 30's )


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                              1. Lonnie Smith's error in '91
                              2. '94 strike ( just hated it )
                              3. '99 series i hate losing to the yankees.
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                                Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose
                                As someone who has followed the Pirates for a long as I can remember, two words: Sid Bream!

                                I actually liked the Mets at the time, and disliked the Astros, but I was disappointed that Mike Scott didn't get another chance at them in the 1986 NLCS.

                                I was very disappointed during the entire 1994 postseason.
                                Weren't we all in 1994. I think the most disappointed had to be the Yank and Expo fans since they had the best records.
                                Of course, the Yanks came back. But it was the best chance for Don Mattingly to get to the WS.
                                Since the Expos never got there, they had to be the most disappointed.
                                Also I was hoping Gwynn would get to .400 that year.

                                Welcome back ARod. Hope you are a Yankee forever.
                                Phil Rizzuto-a Yankee forever.

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