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Baseball disappointments-name your 2 or 3 worst

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  • wamby
    Guest replied
    Originally posted by Retire21

    3)1997 series in total. Two wild card teams in the biggest show on earth! Sacrelige.
    The 1997 World Series had only one wild card team. That said it was one of the worst played series that I've seen.

    The 2002 Series had two wild card teams.

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  • BoweryBoys
    Biggest Disapointments

    Realignment to three divisions per league
    Uneven number of teams between leagues
    Interleague Play
    The Wild Card
    Players who show no respect for the uniform and wear the pant legs almost dragging in the dirt behind their shoe heels.
    Players who show no respect for the uniform and it looks they they are wearing very baggy pajamas on the field.
    Players who have forgotten how to wear their stirrups in the classy manner circa the 50's and 60's.
    Players who wear their stirrups as if they think they are playing against Ruth and Cobb circa 1922.
    Winner of All Star Game receiving home field advantage in WS.
    Wild Card teams suffering no meanigful disadvantage in playoffs after not even finishing first.


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  • Murderers Row
    2001 World Series really, really, really broke my heart. I'm only 16 years old. So I never saw them win in 96, 98, 99, and 2000. So in 2001 I was 12, and it was the first World Series that I saw every inning of. As soon as Rivera threw the ball away at second base, I knew it was over but I didn't loose hope entirely. After Luis hit the ball over the pulled in infield I broke out in tears. I couldn't sleep that night. I just cried and cried.

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  • Chelle
    3. Games 5, 6 and 7 of the 1979 WS

    2. Peter Angelos becoming owner of the Orioles.

    1. Watching Jeffrey Maier steal the ball that would have landed in Tony Tarasco's glove in Game 1 of the ALCS in '96 (I can still feel it in my soul).

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  • Eastvanmungo
    1994... the strike robs the Expos of a chance to finally go all the way. The franchise never recovered.

    The conspiracy guy in me thinks the MLB manufactured (or had some kind of hand in) the post strike HR explosion just to drum up attendance.
    Since then, baseball has just been a bunch of steroid monkies hitting the long ball.

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  • Seattle1
    1. Mariners lose to the Indians in the 1995 ALCS.

    2. Mariners lose to the Yankees in the 2000 ALCS.

    3. Mariners lose the last game of the 2001 regular season to just miss getting the stand-alone record for most regular-season MLB wins, then later lose to the Yankees in the ALCS.

    Rats! h

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  • Yankillaz
    1. Game 7, 1997 WS
    2. Game 7, 2003 LCS
    3. Game 5, 2000 LDS

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  • Food
    Originally posted by Retire21
    3)1997 series in total. Two wild card teams in the biggest show on earth! Sacrelige.
    Agreed. Sloppiest World Series I've ever seen. Going to extras in Game 7 only partially makes up for it.

    2002 - Again, two wild card teams. Seven games, but I knew as I was watching it that these were not the two best teams in baseball in the first place.

    1985 - Denkinger's blown call made everything that came after look like a joke.

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  • west coast orange and black
    2002 world series game 6, inning 8

    1989 world series result

    1971 world series result

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  • Where is Chone Figgins
    1986 ALCS Game 5 The Crackhead Dave ****in Henderson's HR off a name never will be repeated by me or most Halo fans. Henderson then joins the A's and torments the O.C. even more

    2005 ALCS Game 2 Bottom of the 9th Kelvim Escobar strikes out the ****sucker A.J. Piemendibfuifuhsidhujgbryh and Doug Eddings raises his arm to call the strike out but A.J. runs for 1st as the ANgels leave the field to hit and A.J. is called safe because Eddings was payed off by the Irish Mob in Chicago.
    What happens next goes down in postseason lore.

    1995 10 Game lead beginning of August Mariners go on an unbelievable win and the Angels can not buy a win. ANgels come back on the back of Chuck Finley in the last week to force a One game playoff in the Kingdome The Big Unit dominates the Angels and from 86 to 2002 Angels never were closer to playing postseason baseball

    1998 season Angels fight and claw through out the year on the back of Darin Erstad but were swepted by Texas in Arlington to give Texas a 2 game lead Angels fought back to tie for 1st entering a 3 game series in Anaheim with 6 games to play but the
    Angels in the 1st game fo down by 6 runs and Texas swepted the series ending our postseason hopes.

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  • baseball junkie
    '88 Mets & the '94 Strike

    My worst baseball disappointment was the 1988 NY Mets. They won 100 regular season games and lead the NL East by 15 games -- back when there were only two divisions in each league.

    The team was packed with hitting talent, including potent sluggers Gary Carter, Howard Johnson, Kevin McReynolds and Darryl Strawberry. The Mets' offensive spark plug was Lenny Dykstra. Mookie Wilson and Keith Hernandez provided the veteran presence

    The startng rotation consisted of Dwight Gooden, David Cone, Sid Fernandez, Bobby Ojeda and Ron Darling and combined for 77 wins! The bullpen consisted of pitchers like Roger McDowell (159 career saves), Rick Aguilera (318 career saves) and was lead by a closer who should be in the Hall of Fame: Randy Myers. He posted a 1.72 ERA in 1988 and finished up his career with 347 saves.

    Not even two years earlier the Mets had won the World Series over the Red Sox. In the NLCS the Mets were paired against perhaps the worst team to ever win a World Series -- the '88 L.A. Dodgers.

    As a team the Dodgers posted a .214 batting average and a .290 on-base percentage in the NLCS and still won! How? The Bulldog. Orel Hershisher threw 24.7 innings at a 1.09 ERA and earned a save. More importantly in game 7 he threw a complete game shutout. The potent Mets' offense managed only 5 hits. The Mets choked in the biggest game in franchise history, a game that could have sent them to a second World Series in three years and launched a New York dynasty.

    Instead the Mets choked and didn't make the playoffs again for 11 years.

    Of course the end of the 1994 season was awful, too.
    Last edited by baseball junkie; 06-04-2006, 08:30 PM.

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  • RuthMayBond
    Actually I had two in 1997. I was camped under Javy Lopez's home run in the All-Star game, just waiting for it to come down and it would be mine. It clangs off the foul pole :grouchy :grouchy

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  • soberdennis
    Originally posted by Iron Jaw
    The Cardinals blowing a 3 game to 1 lead against the Tigers in 68'.

    The Orioles losing to the Mets in 69'.

    The Orioles blowing a 2 game to 0 lead against the Pirates in 1971 and a 3-1 lead against them in 1979.

    Lee May hitting a three run homer to avert an Oriole sweep over the Reds in the 1970 World Series. May would later be an Oriole.

    The Cardinals trading Ken Boyer to the Mets, Dick Groat and Bill White to the Phillies in 1966.

    But really, those are all competitive dissappointments.

    The real things that dissappointed me were:

    1969 - the move to divisional play.

    1972 - the first strike that affected the regular season, erasing 8 games.

    1973 - the American League adopting the designated hitter rule on a "three year" trial. The rule was used in the American Association in 1969 and the league/fans dubbed it as a miserable failure. Why the AL wanted it - who knows. Still a thorn in the side. The fans tend to reject it - but the MLBPA is the only entity keeping it afloat - to save some immobile fat guy who makes millions career.

    1975 - the beginning of the free agent market. This destroyed the concept of building a team through the farm system and introduced an era of overpaid players.

    1981 - the second strike. This one was a mess. It erased 53 regular season games.

    1994 - the move to a third division in each league and four teams in each league in the playoffs. Horrible idea. Then - the strike. One that erased 49 games and the entire post season. The only saving grace: In the bastardi$ed four division setup, Texas was leading their division with a sub .500 record. The strike erased the embarrassment of a sub .500 team in the playoffs.

    1995 - the continued strike erased the first 18 games of the regular season.

    Other items of discontent: The move to regular season, interleague play. The bad part - the games count in the standings despite the fact that teams are not competing against one another in the standings. The "only" good thing about it - American League pitchers finally have to swing a bat when they play in NL parks.

    Another item: A tie in the All Star game - and not due to a rainout. Due to the the managers running out of pitchers and too chicken to continue the game with a position player. The game used to be a contest with both leagues desiring to win. It turned into a "I'm great but don't wanna risk my millions by getting my pinky hurt" show.
    I'm always disappointed by strikes. 1981 and 1994 were absolutely the worst seasons for a base3ball fan. At least in 81, they had a postseason

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  • soberdennis
    Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose
    As someone who has followed the Pirates for a long as I can remember, two words: Sid Bream!

    I actually liked the Mets at the time, and disliked the Astros, but I was disappointed that Mike Scott didn't get another chance at them in the 1986 NLCS.

    I was very disappointed during the entire 1994 postseason.
    Weren't we all in 1994. I think the most disappointed had to be the Yank and Expo fans since they had the best records.
    Of course, the Yanks came back. But it was the best chance for Don Mattingly to get to the WS.
    Since the Expos never got there, they had to be the most disappointed.
    Also I was hoping Gwynn would get to .400 that year.

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  • Francoeurstein
    1. Lonnie Smith's error in '91
    2. '94 strike ( just hated it )
    3. '99 series i hate losing to the yankees.

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