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One of our members has passed away

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  • One of our members has passed away

    My brothers,

    It is with sad heart that I come to you with this sad news. I just received word that our member, WJackman, who was an authority on Rick Ferrell, has died yesterday. He was SABR member Dick Thompson.

    Here is the email I received.
    Thu, 03 Jan 2008 04:59:55 PM PST
    From: "Jon Daly" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book Block Sender Allow Sender

    To: "Bill Burgess" <[email protected]>
    Subject: WJackman Allow Subject
    WJackman was a poster over at Baseball Fever. It is with regret that
    I pass on the news that he was baseball researcher Dick Thompson who
    passed away yesterday. I don't know who is the main man there, but I
    see that you are a moderator there and wanted to pass the sad news on.
    Jon Daly
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    Dang, we were just chatting a couple weeks ago
    May his family and friends remember the good times they had with him
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      Sad, sad news, here's a little info about him..

      SABR member Dick Thompson is a registered nurse for the Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2004, he received SABR’s highest honor, the Bob Davids Award, which recognized his outstanding research achievements and service to the society. He lives in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
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        Wow, that's awful...... I just saw him post four days ago. Sincere condolences to his family, god bless........


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          Dick used to be Wheezeball on Grandstand Trivia years ago and was always willing to chat and be helpful with his vast knowledge of all things baseball. He wrote about many baseball subjects and had numerous articles in the SABR Journals.


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            Very sad news. My prayers, condolences, and thoughts go out to his family.
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              Can't say I often agreed with the man, but he was always nice enough to answer questions anyway. Rest easy Dick.


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                He presented some good stuff here at Fever - thoughtful and well-researched. I was hoping to see some more of his Jackman posts - I know he had an extensive project in the works there. Jackman is really an unknown figure and could use a boost. Someone with the zeal should contact his family and see if they could continue his work.


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                  High fences , high mounds and green grass

                  God bless you RIP and dream of tight games


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                    He was a poster I wished would have posted more here. What he knew about his favorite subjects was never short of enlightening.

                    He will be missed.
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                        Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose View Post
                        He was a poster I wished would have posted more here. What he knew about his favorite subjects was never short of enlightening.

                        He will be missed.
                        My sentiments exactly.

                        I actually just looked up the last post I made in a discussion with him because I recalled that I was in disagreement with him, and thought, unfortunately, I may have been a bit harsh. Ironically, I think it was the only even semi-combative exchange (though it really wasn't intended as such) I had ever had with him.

                        Rest in peace, Dick.

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                          Dick Thompson from MA would always respond to my research needs if he could. Not everyone took the time and trouble to help a fellow researcher out.

                          Hopefully his New England minor league research will be passed on to someone who will continue it in his legacy.
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                            This is just terrible


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                              I met him at some regional SABR meetings. I knew that he hung out here, so I passed the word on to Bill. He (Dick) is one of the folks who turned me on to baseball history. In an edition of The National Pastime, he mentioned the curious case of Tacks Latimer which led me towards looking up the rest of the story and writing a minibio on the guy.
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