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where does jeff kent rank among 2B alltime?

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  • where does jeff kent rank among 2B alltime?

    where do you think kent ranks among secondbasemen alltime? is he one of the best secondbasemen ever? is he a hall of famer? discuss.

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    I think it's safe to call him a Top 15 2B with a solid HOF case.


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      I'd probably agree with dgarza.


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        I rank Kent as the 11th best 2Bman, behind contemporaries Biggio and Alomar.


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          I'd say he belongs without question.
          his stats are huge for a second sacker
          8 100 plus rbi seasons 6 top ten rbi seasons
          He'll end up with 1500 plus ribbiesand 1300 plus runs scored
          His avg season is 290-27-109 with 95 runs and a 504 slg%
          He's been consistent in postseason as well 292-9-23 in 9 serieswith 25 runs and a 528 slg%
          MVP, 4 time Silver Slugger
          On the field he's done his part


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            Kevin Harlow's study of Win Shares was done in 2004, so some active players may have moved up the list, but based on my calculations, and my best guesses, Jeff Kent would rank among the top 75 position players in baseball history, using Bill James's Objective Function. Again, this is Win Shares based, so take it for what you will. But even if we stick with OPS+, it's hard to argue against a 124 OPS+ from a second baseman with a good-length career, in spite of the fielding. Kent is a top 15 second baseman and deserves the Hall of Fame.
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              I'll go along with the concensus so far. I think he might be Top 15, definitely Top 20, mainly on the strength of his stern bat. Here is how Jeff did in our 3 rounds of Greatest Position Players.
              Here are the results of our 1st. 2B poll, conducted by leecemark, November 5, 2004, 10:37 PM

              The final tally for the secondbase man voting:

              1. Rogers Hornsby 140
              2. Eddie Collins 133
              3. Joe Morgan 110
              4. Nap Lajoie 107
              5. Charlie Gehringer 73
              6. Jackie Robinson 70
              7. Frankie Frisch 39
              8. Ryne Sandberg 37
              9. Roberto Alomar 25
              10. Craig Biggio 23
              Others receiving more than one vote; Joe Gordon, Bobby Grich and Rod Carew.
              Here are the results of our 2nd. poll, conducted by 538280, November 7, 2005, 04:04 AM

              The results are now in. In a very close poll, Rogers Hornsby retains his spot as the BBF #1 second basemen. He received a very close push from Eddie Collins and Joe Morgan. Here are the final results out of the 17 ballots submitted (first place votes in parenthesis):

              Rogers Hornsby-165 (8)
              Eddie Collins-161 (4)
              Joe Morgan-146 (4)
              Nap Lajoie-122
              Charlie Gehringer-92 (1)
              Jackie Robinson-89
              Craig Biggio-54
              Roberto Alomar-43
              Rod Carew-33
              Ryne Sandberg-31
              Frankie Frisch-22

              No one else received more than 20 points.
              Here are the results of our 3rd. poll, conducted by Bill Burgess, May 4, 2007, 11:07 AM

              I left out natsnsoxfan's ballot, because he didn't put them in order. Adding it all up, I have:

              1. Rogers Hornsby - 225
              2. Eddie Collins - 205
              3. Joe Morgan - 195
              4. Nap Lajoie - 171
              5. Jackie Robinson - 113
              6. Charlie Gehringer - 97
              7. Craig Biggio - 70
              8. Roberto Alomar - 57
              9. Rod Carew - 41
              10. Ryne Sandberg - 39
              11. Jeff Kent - 20
              12. Frankie Frisch - 16
              13. Nellie Fox - 4
              14. Bobby Grich - 3
              15t. Lou Whitaker - 2
              15t. Bid McPhee - 2
              15t. Joe Gordon - 2
              18. Billy Herman - 1
              Jeff didn't register so hot with our Fever members so far. I sure wished that leecemark and 538280 had tabulated every single vote, as I always did, to show how the also-rans fared.


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                If I ever get around to doing my personal Hall of Fame for AF's thread, Kent will probably be one of the lower players in my Hall, but he'll probably be in there all the same.
                Hey, this is my public apology for suddenly disappearing and missing out on any projects I may have neglected.


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                  I have him ranked 13th but . . .
                  1) I have Carew ranked ahead of him (I rank Carew as a 2B AND as a 1B). I do that for every player when they played significant time at a position
                  2) He'll be moving up a spot this season
                  3) When I remember that the Indians had him and traded him, I might bop him down a little
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                    1 rogers hornsby
                    2 nap lajoie
                    3 eddie collins
                    4 jackie robinson
                    5 charlie gehringer
                    6 joe morgan
                    7 joe gordon
                    8 ryne sandberg
                    9 jeff kent (if he puts in more solid work he may rise)
                    10 roberto alomar

                    this is only for players who spent more than half their career at 2nd base (ie no Rod Carew)

                    robinson cano will be on this list soon enough i hope lol.


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                      Amongst the 17 major leaguers who were elected to the HoF as 2B's, Kent would rank 9th in win shares, 12th in WARP3, and 9th in RCAA. Yes, he has a case.
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