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Interesting thing about 1993 season

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  • Interesting thing about 1993 season

    Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I noticed that 1993 was a year of marked decline for a number of teams:

    -The Mets, who had averaged 95 wins from 1984-90 and won the '86 World Series, had the worst record in the majors at 59-103, 13 games worse than the previous year and their worst of six straight losing seasons.
    -The Padres, who had a winning record four of the last five years, finished second-worst in the majors at 61-101, then had the worst record the next year.
    -The A's, who had won their division their fourth time in five years(including three AL pennants and a world title) the previous year, finished worst in the AL at 68-94, their first of six straight losing seasons.
    -The Brewers, who had finished 92-70 the previous year and had a winning record 10 of the last 15 years, finished last in the AL East at 69-93, their first of 12 straight losing seasons and 14 straight nonwinning seasons.
    -The Twins, who had finished 90-72 the previous year and won two World Series in the last six years, finished 71-91, their first of eight straight losing seasons.
    -The Pirates, who the previous year won their third straight division title and came on out from the World Series, finished 75-87, their first of 15(and counting) straight losing seasons.

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