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  • Players and Product Endorsment - Photo's

    Reading the advertisement's in BSmile's terrific thread of rare Cobb photo's has me wondering what else is out there in BB-F member's collections.

    The old ads are fascinating. If you have any, or come across any, please post them here.

    Here's the first of what I have found;



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    Here's a few good one's to start...more to follow!
    Cheers! ~B
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      Here's a classic PSA from a NYC subway car...late 40's I believe. Not exactly a "product" endorsement...just an endorsement of equality.
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        "here's a question for you johnny" - classic !

        Is there any end to your treasures, BSmile ?

        Anyway - here's on of Yogi's many Yoo Hoo ads -
        could be 1959



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          Why didn't Joe let Johnny have a smoke?

          The last player I can think of who got caught in the dugout with a cig was Dave Parker...
          "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


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            Hank Aaron smoked in the dugout when he was with the Brewers.

            As for managers - I remember Earl Weaver not going very far up the tunnel to smoke - he would cup it in his hand.


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              I Guess Allie Was A Square !


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                not the best quality -



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                  Bobby Schantz

                  Bobby Thompson


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                    These are all tremendous. I have been watching a ton of old movies lately and it's just incredible how everyone smokes. So it's not surprising that all these ballplayers were in cigarette ads.
                    "It's good to be young and a Giant." - Larry Doyle


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                        Funny thing about the Ted and Stan ad is that I don't think either one of them least not on a regular basis.
                        That car battery ad brought back memories...I can remember my Dad adding water to his battery. Ain't modern technology wonderful?
                        "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


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                          Here's some more!

                          Let's not let this thread die! There's so many great baseball player ad's out there. Here's some more old classics...

                          1) 1912 Honus Wagner Harper Whiskey Trade Card - Yup, the good 'ole days, when you could actually endorse a whiskey! I guess Honus didn't have a problem with this endorsement! (see: T-206) hahaha....

                          2) 1928 Tony Lazzeri Lucky Strike Trolley Sign - "It's toasted". Yup.

                          3) 1929 Jim Bottomley Lucky Strike Ad Sign - Yeah, more "toasting". Another very attractive piece of art though.

                          4) 1930's Ducky Medwick Granger Pipe Tobacco Ad - It's too bad these companies didn't put out cards that looked like this back then. Well, minus the ad's for tobacco...great art.

                          5) Circa. 1910 Walter Johnson Tuxedo Tobacco Ad Sign - Just a beautiful piece of baseball endorsement ad artwork from the era. I actually spent some time "cleaning-up" the image. I removed some harsh water stains, creases, missing sections of the image and color correction. It NOW looks like it was suppossed to look "back in the day". Perhaps my favorite baseball ad image from this era...fantastic color distribution. Reminds me of the T-206 cards.

                          Cheers! ~B
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                            Some of Babe's......I particularly like the Wheaties ad with the little boy.
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                              I have a Berra card from that Redman ad that Bsmile posted.
                              I got it for only $3!!!!!!
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