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    --I will soon be starting another series of poll for best players by position. We had done these every offseason for several years, but it kind of slipped by with no one taking the initive this year. Maybe thats because the subject is exhausted and there is a lack of interest. We'll see with the first one. If participation is low then it will be the only one.
    --I am hoping to push for a little more thought put into these and a broader scope. I'll be asking for top 20 rather than top 10. This will probably make for more interesting discussion as we're mined the ground pretty heavy on the very top guys. Discussion will be encouraged - at least to the point of comments along side your rankings (not required).
    --The actual ranking will be for MLB players only. We've had some issues in the past where some rank Negro leguers highly and others exclude them entirely. That makes it difficult to slot with with any kind of fairness. What I'm asking for here is an addendum to your ballot which catergorizes them in one of the following ways; 1) probably best ever at their position, 2) probably top 5 at their position, 3) probably top 10 at their position, 4) probably top 20 at their position. The final ranking will slot them accordingly. I'll ask for the same type addendum for non-US players for those who wish to comment on them.
    --I'll also ask you to list the Hall of Famers outside your top 20 in a separate addendum. Not that it won't be easy to identify them without it, but just to show; a) you considered all the likley candidates and b) to illustrate where mistakes have been made and highlight the players who do make the top 20 and are not in the Hall of Fame.
    --Catcher will be up first so, if you are interested, be thinking about who makes your list. I encourage you to consider all of baseball history - from the pioneers of the 1870s (or even 60s) to active players.
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    Bring it on Mark


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