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    How about Paul Molitor in '93?

    10 runs, 12 hits, 2 doubles, 2 triples, 2 home runs, 3 walks, 8 RBI, .500 BA, 1.000 SLG, and a SB to boot. Not bad for an old man!


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      Originally posted by spindoc View Post
      There are 2 distinct groups, pitchers/hitters.
      With my comments:

      1905 - Mathewson----------------------yes he was great but 3 things one, he only struck out 18 while gibson struck out 26,two, he pitched in the dead ball era and three,he did not sock a home run in the series.
      But if you never give up any runs, you cannot lose (Matty did score a run)
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        Lots of good candidates.

        The first ones that came to my mind (Gibson in '67, Mathewson in '05 and Clemente in '71) will serve nicely.
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          Reggie Jackson - 1977, he hit a home run on his last swing in game 5, then in game 6 he swung 3 times and hit 3 home runs. Reggie homered on his last 4 swings off 4 different pitchers in the world series to lead the Yankees to victory over the Dodgers. Steve Garvey on first base said he applauded in his glove when Reggie hit the last one, and Tommy Lasorda said it was the greatest game (game 6) he ever saw anyone have in a series.


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            Amos Otis went 11-23 with 2 doubles and 3 home runs in a losing effort in the '80 WS.

            .478 BA/.538 OB%/.957 Slg%

            Although its not on-par with Mathewson, Saberhagen pitched a game three complete game giving up 1 earned run and 6 hits (all singles) and 1 walk, then pitched a game 7 complete game shutout giving up 5 hits ALL SINGLES, NO WALKS.

            That's a .172 batting average against
            A .172 slugging percentage against and
            A .185 on-base percentage against.


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              Willie Stargell in 1979. 12 hits, batted .400 and set a record for extra base hits. 4 doubles, and 3 homers including the game winning homer in game 7. He is one of only 3 players to have 4 hits in a game 7 of the World Series. He also tied the mark for most total bases, 25.


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                Brooks Robinson in 1970. Brooks was clutch with the bat, .429, 2-2b, 2-HRs, 5-R, 6- RBI, in a five-game series but was absolutely inhuman at 3rd base. Poor Johnny Bench remembers Brooks' glove only too well.

                Of course, a bit of personal bias as Robinson was among my favorite players.

                As was Bob Gibson, who was spectacular in 1967 (and not bad in his other two World Series either). Heck, Bob not only stymied the BoSox three times, but he also belted a homerun of BoSox ace, Jim Lonborg.

                And speaking of World Series performance by my favorite players, 1964 - Tim McCarver of the Cardinals. McCarver, who everyone seems to hate as a sportscaster:noidea, went 11-23 against the Yankees, with a 2b, 3b, HR and five RBI's, .478 batting average. His homerun was a three-run shot in the top of the 10th inning off Pete Mikkelsen that won game #5. Bob Gibson won Game #7 that year and won the WS MVP Award. But Bob lost Game # 2, won Game # 5 (all 10 innings) and Game # 7 though he tired late. I always though McCarver should have been the MVP for St. Louis in the 1964 World Series.


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                  Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                  There are 2 distinct groups, pitchers/hitters.
                  Maybe add Billy Hatcher to that?
                  9/12 - .750/.800/1.250


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                    Originally posted by Chickazoola View Post
                    I like Bonds' 2002 World Series: .471/.700/1.294, with 4 Home Runs. It's pretty much the most dominant hitting performance I have ever seen.

                    For pitching Gibson or Matty really.
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                      Lots of good ones but still Matty 1905. How do you do any better, his 3 game performance in all 3 games guarantees a win if his team scores the minimum, one run.


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                        you could argue that Gibson's 1968 series was more dominating than 1967. Just one road block, a dominating performance by Mickey Lolich

                        what about Mickey Lolich?

                        3-0 27IP 6BB 21SO

                        hit the only HR of his professional career!!!

                        how about Kirk Gibson's 1988 series......1.000 avg 4.000 slg ops of 5.000....haha
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                          Don't forget that Gibson threw SEVEN Consecutive Complete Game World Series Wins......

                          It's not just 1967 that is sick.

                          Seven Series Starts... Seven Straight Complete Game WINS.

                          The world goes berzerk when Josh Beckett does it ONCE. Only 6 more in a row to go, Mr. Beckett. Then we'll talk. Oops... sorry, you pitched this past fall... so you're back at zero then. 7 to go just to tie Gibby. Good luck.
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                            All of the performances mentioned so far are meritorious beyond doubt, but I'll cast another vote for Lew Burdette in 1957!


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                              Originally posted by StanTheMan View Post
                              Don't forget that Gibson threw SEVEN Consecutive Complete Game World Series Wins......

                              It's not just 1967 that is sick.

                              Seven Series Starts... Seven Straight Complete Game WINS.
                              He's the benchmark among modern starters.
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