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When did scheduling of night games reach its apogee?

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  • When did scheduling of night games reach its apogee?

    Does anyone know of the whereabouts of any statistics regarding the growth in scheduling of night games. In what year did it reach its high-water mark (approx)? Leaving the Cubs aside, of course.

    From doing the following Google search, I only found A Journal of Baseball History and Culture writer who asserts, in passing, that as late as 1972, night games were still "ever-increasing":

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    Interesting topic. I went to retrosheet to view just a very short sample of what time of day teams were playing. It seemed like some stadiums were having mostly day games even during weekdays in the early 70s. In 1970, the Red Sox seemed to play most of their Home games during the day. Of course other teams were hosting mostly night games during the early 70s, such as the Reds. Sundays were mostly day games and Saturdays were also day game favorites.


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      Thanks for the info. I do think it is an interesting topic in and of itself. But I'd also like to eventually do a correlation chart between increasing night games and increased attendance.

      Generally, I wonder how much the increased per-team attendance say, since 1950, can be attributed to "increased popularity of the game" and how much is related to simple factors such as more night games, fewer doubleheaders, ease of fan transportation (i.e. interstate highways and jet planes), and of course the biggest factor of all ... the doubling of the U.S. population from 150 million to 300 million.
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      Interesting topic. (snip)


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