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  • Shoeless Joe Jackson pictures

    Well I decided to start a thread about Shoeless Joe Jackson pictures. Hopefully I find new ones that you guys haven't seen yet. Hopefully you enjoy them as well.

    Shoeless at the plate

    Joe with some young fans

    Joe showing off his swing

    Joe giving a pep talk

    Honest Eddie Murphy (far left). Shoeless Joe Jackson (center) 1918

    Joe on the edge of the dugout

    Joe on the Edge of the dugout

    1919 White Sox Outfielders: Leibold, Felsch, S. Collins, Jackson

    Shoeless throwing the ball

    Shoeless glaring down

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    Shoeless in the field

    Shoeless in 1913

    Joe swinging

    Joe throwing

    Joe holding a bat

    Joe in the outfield

    Joe sliding

    Katie, Joe, Gertrude and Martha in Joe's car - 1914

    Joe getting ready to swing

    Joe follow through


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      Joe takes a mighty swing

      Joe in a stunning outfit 1910

      Joe watching Chapman sliding at the plate

      Turner and Jackson

      Joe crossing the plate

      Joe in a car 1914

      Joe showing us his bunting stance

      Joe with teamates in his car

      Joe with teamates 1914

      Joe sliding to third


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        Joe during spring training

        Joe in 1911

        Joe getting some medical tape 1912

        Joe with Katie 1924

        Joe in 1924

        Joe on trial 1924

        Americus team photo 1923

        Another team photo Joe is the one standing 1923

        Joe swinging a bat 1937 he's 50 years old

        Joe hitting a home run in 1932


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          Joe waiting for his turn to bat in 1932

          Joe posing for the camera in 1932

          Joe and his brother Jerry

          Joe throwing in 1922

          Joe swinging in 1922

          Joe with Katie 1932

          Joe at the dry cleaners 1927

          Joe and Katie in their vehicle

          Joe with his car 1940

          Joe at his house 1942


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            Joe behind the counter

            Joe in front of his house

            Joe with Katie and there dog

            Joe with his mother and brother

            Joe and nephew around 1950

            Joe with nehpew around 1949

            Joe in 1951

            Joe at his liqour store

            Joe Jackson Night 1940's

            Joe with friends


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              Joe teaching young kids 1944

              Joe in front of his liquour store

              Joe smiling 1941

              Joe in his liquour store

              Joe holding a bat 1932

              Shoeless in his backyard

              Shoeless Joe team 1910

              Joe on wedding day

              From left to right: Amos Strunk, Heine Heitmuller & Joe Jackson, 1909

              Joe in 1910


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                I can't recall ever seeing most of these pictures. Great job, yet another photo thread you've started. Kudos to you, really enjoying the later-in-life Joe shots.
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                  I've been enjoying all these photos of Cobb, Ruth and Jax the last week or so. Thanks to all for going the extra mile. It's been a joy.


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                    An absolutely stunning collection of photos! :applaud::applaud:
                    Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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                      This is an interesting picture.

                      The man in the center holding the bat is black. He's not a teamate but he clearly is the focal point of the photo, which is curious for the era.

                      I'm guessing it's the off-season, judging by the leafless trees and heavy coats. I'm quessing also, if he was an oposing player from a barnstorming tour, he would be wearing some type of uniform. He's not. Most of the players seem to be smiling, happy about being photograghed with him. I'd like to find out who the bat holding man is.

                      Do you have access to any other information concerning this photo, besides the year ?
                      Originally posted by Geoge H Ruth View Post

                      Joe with teamates 1914


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                        Originally posted by whoisonit View Post
                        Do you have access to any other information concerning this photo, besides the year ?
                        From the website:

                        This photo was taken in 1914 during Spring Training in Athens, GA and the monument in this picture is still standing at the corner of College Avenue and Broad Street. The photo shows Joe (the only one without a cap in the photo) and other Cleveland teammates with musicial instruments.......although we're not sure why. The black man in the middle is actually holding one of Joe's bats...... The story goes that Joe and one of his teammates had been hitting fly balls to this man and a group of his friends during the entire practice session on the day this photo was taken.


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                          That's great, thanks. It's a shame to think he probably never got a copy of this photo. What a great thing for his decendents to own.

                          I thought maybe the instruments had something to do with him. Did Joe play the ukelele ? I didn't know that.

                          BTW - what web site did you get this info from ?


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                            Originally posted by whoisonit View Post
                            That's great, thanks. It's a shame to think he probably never got a copy of this photo. What a great thing for his decendents to own.
                            I cut off the part where it said the picture was provided by a "Jackson family member."

                            When you're viewing a picture - note the web address.


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                              I meant the black guy.


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