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History of Local, Semi-pro Leagues/Teams

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  • History of Local, Semi-pro Leagues/Teams

    I was torn between posting this in the "books" forum and this one, I believe this one is more pertinent. Anyway, I'm very interested in the time frame of about 1920-1950 in baseball, and what makes this really fascinating for me is the aspect of "sandlot" teams, the surge of semi-pro teams and leagues and what not. However, finding decent and elaborate information on these things is rather though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I guess barnstorming could also be thrown in there, for most of all of these teams played each other...and I recently just picked up "Baseball Barnstorming and Exhibition Games 1901-1962," but haven't really dived into it, but I'm under the impression this book mostly deals with major leaguers "barnstorming" and what not. Anyway, I'm open to anything. Thank you.

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    Smaller, local newspapers - very labor intensive study - may not be dealt with in any significant manner for decades to come


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      Yeah,I figured that was the case, but is there a reference to look to for important "local team scenes" or state tournaments and then such?


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        The National Baseball Congress sponsored annual semi-pro US championships starting in 1935 I believe. Newspapers often sponsored semi-pro leagues in their area so I'm sure newspaper coverage would have been thorough. Another source is the Baseball Hall of Fame Research Library.

        The Library probably has a thick file for semi-pro baseball. Call or write them and see what they recommend. Good Luck.
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