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  • Leap Day

    We only get to do this every four years, I thought I'd get a leap on it.

    Players born on Leap Day

    Players died on Leap Day

    Leap Day events

    On 1896/02-29 Ban Johnson said "The Western League has passed the stage of minor league"
    On 1940/02-29 a judge said Comiskey heirs didn't have to sell Chicago White Sox.
    On 2000/02-29 Sparky Anderson,Bid McPhee & Turkey Stearnes were voted to Hall of Fame.

    Happy jumping
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    Kids born on Leap Day have to be very patient while waiting for their birthdays to come around. Imagine forgetting their birthday!

    Were any of these ML players patient hitters?

    Leap Years are a boon to the economy since Uncle Sam gets to collect one more day's worth of taxes from everybody.
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      February 29, 1980
      The Oakland Athletics signed Keith Comstock as a free agent.

      February 29, 1984
      The Chicago White Sox signed Fernando Arroyo as a free agent.

      February 29, 1988
      The Montreal Expos signed Miguel Batista as an amateur free agent.

      February 29, 1992
      The San Diego Padres signed Mark Knudson as a free agent.

      The New York Yankees traded Alan Mills to the Baltimore Orioles for players to be named later. The Baltimore Orioles sent Francisco de la Rosa (March 5, 1992) and Mark Carper (minors) (June 8, 1992) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.

      February 29, 1996
      The Cleveland Indians signed Bill Wertz as a free agent.

      The California Angels purchased Don Slaught from the Cincinnati Reds.


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        Poor Al Rosen-he had a great but short career. Too bad he retired at age 8.


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