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  • worst with the best?

    Just throwing it out here-

    What pitchers would you say put up the worst seasons with a pennant winner?

    And let's say 150 IP as a qualifier.
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    How bout...

    Tex Carleton - '38 Cubs - 167 IP

    10-9 - 5.42 ERA (70 ERA+)


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      Dennis Martinez, 1983 Orioles - 7-16, 5.53 ERA. Admittedly, culd have been alcohol related, but still, hard to top that one.

      Bed Rivera - 13-9, 5.02 ERA for '93 Phillies. Lots of run support there. (BTW, I'd forgotten Schilling had an ERA just over 4 there.) Jack Morris, 7-12, 6.19, also had just over 150 IP. Suddenly, looking at these ERAs it's easy to see why pitching was bad in that WS.
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        Hands down it's gotta be David Cone for the 2000 Yankees.

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