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Time games were played in 1949

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  • Time games were played in 1949

    Does anyone know how I could find out what time of day or night a game was played?

    Were games mainly played at night or was it similar to today where they play at all different times?

    My mom was born August 5th, 1949 but on her birth certificate there isn't an actual time. The only clue is that she had heard that her dad was at a game when she was born.

    She lived in Kansas City and I don't even know what teams were around then either.

    If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.

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    In 1949, the Kansas City Blues played in the American Association, which was one of the three top Minor Leagues in that era.

    On Friday, August 5, 1949, Kansas City did play a night game, but it was in Indianapolis.

    During that era, I beleive that most Minor league teams were playing more night games than the Major Leagues did. The night generally stared later than they do now, usually starting between 8 and 9 PM.


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      Originally posted by EdTarbusz View Post
      The night generally stared later than they do now, usually starting between 8 and 9 PM.
      Never heard that.


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        There was a time when a night game really meant a game played at night. I was reading in The Sporting News that when the Tigers started playing night games in 1948, they were going to start at a ridiculously late hour, around 9:30 or so, because of Daylight Savings Time. These were moved by an hour or so when the night games actually started there.

        I would guess that the average starting time of a night game in the late 40s was about 8:30. I think that one reason for this was the one-time rule that stated that the lights could not be turned on once a game was in progress.
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          Wow, thank you Ed for the information, very helpful.

          Its possible he may not have been at the game but listening to it.

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