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    I finished reading Williams' 1990 book "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and it was very entertaining. He throws many people in baseball under the bus in the book, but it always seemed no matter where he was he lasted about 4 years and then he wore out his welcome. He always says it was other people that tried to get rid of him and I'm sure at times that is true, but at every stop he made? I know he's going into the Hall of Fame this year, but what do other people feel about him? He did win or at least improve the teams he managed on a consistant basis.

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    I thought he did his best job with the BoSox in 1967. The Red Sox had been dwelling in the lower legions of the AL for a long time, then won a very unexpected pennant, with a makeshift pitching staff (CYA Winner Lonborg and not much else amongst starters), a triple crown winner (Yaz) and one of his sluggers having a season ending injury in August (Tony C.).

    By the time Dick got to Oakland in 1971, the A's already had the nucleous of the team that would win three-straight World Series titles in the 70's. The 1969-70 A's teams were good - and threatened. Quite different from Boston where he took over a 9th place club with little hope.

    He brought a brief, winning tradition to the Expos, and won a pennant with the Padres. But winning that pennant with the BoSox was unreal - especially considering the fact that Williams was a rookie manager that season.

    Of course, as a Cardinal fan, I witnessed the impossible dream BoSox play the Cardinals to a tough, 7-game finish.


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