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2nd Greatest Home Run Hitter

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  • 2nd Greatest Home Run Hitter

    Babe Ruth took 15 of 16 first place votes in winning round one. It was a victory that was expected by most who follow these things. But round two should be interesting. Give your top five home run hitters, other than Ruth. Mine are:

    1. Aaron
    2. Mantle
    3. Mays
    4. Gibson
    5. Killebrew

    Edit: The voting will close at 11:59:59 EST Mar. 29
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    And steroid discount. I have decided to get a jump start on everyone else and forget that this whole sorted mess ever happened. Right or wrong, I'm moving on.


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      How can Kirk Gibson be one of the top 5 home run hitters ever when he hit only 255 homers in the majors?


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        Change that Kirk to a Josh and try your question again.


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          1. McGwire
          2. Bonds
          3. Aaron
          4. Mays
          5. Mantle
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            Originally posted by baseballPAP View Post
            Change that Kirk to a Josh and try your question again.
            We know for a fact how many Kirk Gbson hit in his career. How many did Josh hit in his career exactly?

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              1) Aaron
              2) Mays
              3) Schmidt
              4) Killebrew
              5) Kiner


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                1) Mantle
                2) Killebrew
                3) Josh Gibson
                4) A-Rod
                5) Mays


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                  I wanted to re-post this.

                  40 home run seasons:

                  Ruth: 11
                  Killebrew: 8
                  Aaron: 8
                  Bonds: 8
                  A-Rod: 8

                  At Bats, BIP and Hits per home run

                  Ruth: 11.76/9.90/4.02
                  Kiner: 14.11/12.08/3.93
                  Killebrew: 14.22/11.25/3.64
                  A-Rod: 14.19/11.25/4.34

                  Bonds: 12.92/10.90/3.85
                  Bonds thru '98: 16.11/14.92/5.04
                  McGwire: 10.61/7.87/2.79
                  McGwire thru '94: 14.04/10.81/3.56
                  (Kingman): 15.10/11.00/3.56

                  Killebrew trails only Kingman and McGwire in home run to hit ratio. Granted, hitting the ball is part of what makes a great home run hitter-see Kingman.

                  Killebrew is 4th behind Ruth, Kiner and A-Rod in home run to at bat ratio, and played longer than either of those besides Ruth.

                  He also was one of the top long home run hitters of all time.

                  Stargell and Mays will be next up for me-before Aaron. Then Foxx, Aaron and Kiner.
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                    How can someone who never played in the major leagues be one of the top ever, am I missing something? Are we including home run hitters in EVERY league that ever existed? I think i averaged a home run every 5 at bats in backyard wiffleball when i was a kid, so Im probably number 1 :-).


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                      Barry Bonds
                      Willie Mays
                      Ted Williams
                      Ken Griffey Jr.
                      Jimmie Foxx


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                        1) Foxx
                        2) Mantle
                        3) Gehrig
                        4) Aaron
                        5) Mays
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                          1. Josh Gibson
                          2. Ralph Kiner
                          3. Willie Mays
                          4. Ted Williams
                          5. Mark McGwire


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                            Originally posted by jjpm74 View Post
                            1. Josh Gibson

                            Could someone please tell me who Josh Gibson is? :noidea


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                              Originally posted by frehleyscomet View Post

                              Could someone please tell me who Josh Gibson is? :noidea
                              Josh Gibson

                              also known as the black Babe Ruth


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