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  • Clash of the Titans!

    This is a variation of a borrowed thread in current events called "Him vs. Him." I just find it to be a great thread, so I'd like to create my own version, using retired players, just to add some mix and try to even come close to the greatness of the Him vs. Him thread, because I just love comparing players.

    Let me start the discussion with a few groups of players, just to get things going, instead of one.

    Paul Waner vs. Sam Crawford

    Christy Matthewson vs. Pete Alexander

    Warren Spahn vs. Tom Seaver

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    Crawford, Alexander and Spahn. Crawford had more power than Waner and thats what I'm looking for in a RF. Alexander had equal success for worse teams than Mathewson. Spahn-Seaver is the closest of the 3 for me. I think Seaver was better at his peak, but Spahn lasted enough longer to rate a SLIGHT EDGE.

    Al Kaline or Roberto Clemente?


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      My first impulse was to choose Clemente but aside from career batting average, Kaline seems to have an edge in most batting and fielding categories. Not just cumulative records that could be explained by the fact that Kaline's career was a couple years longer either. I saw both of them play in their prime and I think Clemente was more exciting to watch but based on the stats, I'd have to go with Kaline.

      Juan Marichal or Furguson Jenkins?
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        Jenkins is a personal favorite, but I think Marachial is one of the most underrated greats ever. He gets the nod. Good call on Kaline. I expected the flashier Clement to get the nod, but Kaline had more power and patience and was maybe even better defensively.

        Sandy Koufax or Randy Johnson?


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          the big unit has been able to pitch longer, but i'm not sure he was as dominant as sandy was in his all too brief prime. i'll take sandy.

          bob feller or nolan ryan?


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            Originally posted by Chancellor
            Albert Belle or Dick Allen?
            Trouble makers with talent?

            Allen over Belle. Richie-Dick-Rich-Richard Allen was a contact hitter with tremendous power.

            Jim Gentile or Walt Dropo?


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              Feller over Ryan. Bullet Bob missed a some of his best years to the war. Dropo only really had one good year, Gentile gets my vote. Not that I'd especially want either in an all time context.

              Joe Gordon or Bobby Doerr


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                Ken Griffey Jr (1989 - 2000) vs Barry Bonds (1989 - 2000)


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                  Jim Palmer vs Greg Maddux


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                    Palmer. Maddux has over 500 more strike outs and their other regular season stats are almost identical but in post season play Palmer was 8-3 with a 2.61 ERA. Maddux is 11-14 with a 3.22 ERA.

                    I hope this next one's not too lengthy.

                    "Stengel had received a small bird from one of the Dodger pitchers in the bullpen and when he came up to bat, Stengel tipped his hat to the jeering crowd; out flew the bird, to the delight of the fans"

                    "On July 15, 1973, as California's Nolan Ryan was working on his second career no-hitter, Cash went to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with two outs with a table leg instead of a bat"

                    Who was the bigger flake? Casey Stengel or Norm Cash?
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                      I like Casey, with the exception of that incident, but I cannot get over Cash's idiotic fondness of using a corked bat in his 1961 campaign. That kind of thing just really bugs me.

                      Also, I would've taken Doerr over Gordon. Better, more consistent player, really. Gordon had better power, though.

                      Maddux vs. Robin Roberts


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                        I'd give a slight edge to Maddux. Prior to this season, Maddux gave up 3625 hits with a 2.89 ERA. Roberts gave up 4582 hits with a 3.41 ERA. Maddux had about 400 more strike outs. Tough call though, Roberts had to pitch for weaker teams and pitched superbly in his only post season start.

                        Johnny Callison or Rick Monday?
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                          Callison had a higher peak, but Monday had the better career.

                          Bert Campaneris or Davey Conception


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                            Weaver in a landslide.
                            Mays - power wins.

                            Luis Aparicio or Ozzie Smith


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                              wow, that's a tough one...they're both pretty much equal...maybe ozzie was better defensively. i'll take ozzie.

                              hoyt wilhelm or phil niekro?


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