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    I have had an original hand-written journal of the 1907 minutes for
    the Boston Globe Baseball Association come into my possession. I
    never heard of the Boston Globe Baseball Assoc. and couldn't find
    anything on it anywhere on the Internet. I think it is an interesting
    historical document, but would like more information on the Boston
    Globe Baseball Association so I thought some of you baseball
    researchers/historians might have some information about this aspect of baseball / Red Socks history.

    Click here for some pics of the minutes that you might find interesting.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
    Robert / RawFoodGuy
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    I think it was just an almanac of the Boston Globes baseball section.
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      Looks like the journal of a workplace-based amateur league - nothing directly to do with the Red Sox or Braves.


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        I am hugely into sports writers. And my Meet The Sports Writers thread is testament to my deep and abiding interest. The first sports writers group was held in Detroit, October, 1908.

        The normal press corps boxes were invaded by local big shots and there was no seats for the actual sports writers. When the ushers refused to make the locals leave the boxes reserved for the sports writers, the sports writers ended up coving the World Series on the roof of the stadium.

        This so outraged them, that they held a meeting to form a sports writers association. The Baseball Writers Association of America. BWAA.

        Here is an article that I posted in my Meet the Sports Writers thread, page 12. It originally appeared in Who's Who of Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, page 491.

        Two of the Boston Globe sports writers that might have been instumental in forming this association were Tim Murname and Jake Morse.


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          I guess it is possible that the BGBA was a forerunner of the BWAA, but the names (see the pics link above) and timing doesn't match up. Clearly, I think this is an assoc. of Globe employees into baseball, but from the content of some pages they also seem to have an affiliation or connection to the Red Socks as well. I wrote to the Globe to ask for help and they are researching it!

          Sorry for cross-posting...this was my first (and 2nd) post on this forum so I didnt know. Won't happen again.



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            Welcome to The Fever, RawFoodGuy. Hope you have the time of your life. This place is the best.


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