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Best right-handed hitters of all time?

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  • Gotta put Heilman up there someplace.


    • For just right handed batting, nothing more, here's my top 50.

      1. Rogers Hornsby
      2. Hank Aaron
      3. Joe DiMaggio
      4 Jimmie Foxx
      5 Hank Greenberg
      6 Willie Mays
      7 Frank Thomas
      8 Albert Pujols
      9 Alex Rodriguez
      10 Honus Wagner
      11 Manny Ramirez
      12 Nap Lajoie
      13 Albert Belle
      14 Frank Robinson
      15 Jeff Bagwell
      16 Ed Delahanty
      17 Mike Piazza
      18 Cap Anson
      19 Al Simmons
      20 Ralph Kiner
      21 Vladimir Guerrero
      22 Harry Heilmann
      23 Miguel Cabrerra
      24 Mike Schmidt
      25 Mark McGwire
      26 Edgar Martinez
      27 Dick Allen
      28 Gary Sheffield
      29 Sammy Sosa
      30 Harmon Killebrew
      31 Ernie Banks
      32 Juan Gonzalez
      33 Orlando Cepeda
      34 Jackie Robinson
      35 Dale Murphy
      36 Ryan Braun
      37 Jack Clark
      38 Jim Rice
      39 Kiki Cuyler
      40 Roberto Clemente
      41 Paul Molitor
      42 Kirby Puckett
      43 Al Kaline
      44 Derek Jeter
      45 Dave Winfield
      46 Andre Dawson
      47 Roy Campenella
      48 Joe Medwick
      49 Robin Yount
      50 Rocky Colivito
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      • Originally posted by Blackout View Post
        why are right handed hitters in general not as good? 1 in every 9 people is left handed, so there's 8 times the talent pool of righties to choose from right?


        Rogers Hornsby
        Josh Gibson
        Jimmie Foxx
        Hank Aaron
        Willie Mays
        Joe Dimaggio
        Alex Rodriguez (climbing season by season)
        Vlad Guerrero (with SB's I rate him above Manny)
        Manny Ramirez
        Hank Greenberg

        give Pujols a few years and he'll be on the list

        today on the radio I was hearing people say Manny was the best right handed hitter they had seen in the last 40-50 years. not sure if I can agree on that.

        Best power - Foxx
        All-around hitter - DiMaggio, Aaron, Pujols, Thomas
        Best average - Hornsby


        • Originally posted by Blackout View Post
          why are right handed hitters in general not as good? 1 in every 9 people is left handed, so there's 8 times the talent pool of righties to choose from right?
          I get what you mean but I would change that..........not as good to... why is it RH batters don't hit as well as LH batters.
          I think most know the number one reason, historically far more RH pitchers in the game. RH hittters face picthers pitching from the same side they bat from more often that way than LH batters do.
          We do know that battesr overall will hit better against pitchers pitching from the opposite side they are batting from.
          I pointed out on another thread that only one RH batter hit for .325 in the last 76 years. No other RH batter has even hit for .320 or better in the last 76 years, Pujols active and looks good at this time.

          Also the LH batter is a step closer to first base, more chance of beating out the infield hit. I don't think it's that much of an advantage.
          Game situation, runner on first and first baseman holding on the runner, leaves a hole for the LH batter to hit one though. Sure so can a RH batter do the same but has to tailor his swing to hit to the opposite field.
          No mystery.


          • Top righties:
            1. Albert Pujols
            2. Frank Thomas
            3. Rogers Hornsby
            4. Hank Aaron
            5. Willie Mays
            6. Jimmie Foxx
            7. Jeff Bagwell
            8. Mike Piazza
            9. Albert Belle
            10. Joe Dimaggio

            Note: Mike Piazza might have had the most talent. Unfortunately,catching ruined his rate stats and durability. Piazza's .340 avg and .600+ slugging pct on the road during his 10 year peak is the most amazing run by a righty ever, when adjusting for league quality. Piazza might deserve to be as high as 3rd on this list. But I dropped him to 8th due to his lack of durability and lack of walks.

            My adjustments for league quality have the last 20 years dominating this list. My list for lefties would be more equally distributed among eras.
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            • Here are the two top RH hitters ever according to Teddy Ballgame.
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              • Originally posted by Nimrod View Post
                Here are the two top RH hitters ever according to Teddy Ballgame.
                I love photos like this...
                "Hey, nice bat, Jimmie."
                "Thanks Raj, think it's made out of wood but I haven't had it analyzed."
                "Looks like some ball marks there?"
                "Yeah, I use it to hit baseballs when I'm not scratching my back with it."
                "Did you ever use the thin end to hit the ball?"
                "Yeah, man did my hands hurt!"
                "Sam Breadon once had a really creative suggestion for where I could put one of these, but I don't think it was physically possible."

                Guess it gave the guys something to look at when they were forced to pose for photogs and didn't really have much to talk about. In this case, it probably saved Rajah getting the full force of Beast's 80 proof breath.
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                • There is a video of Hornsby taking batting practice and commenting.
                  Stand back in the box, gives me a longer look at the ball, watch the ball, not the pitcher's motion... "I try to hit through the box using the pitcher as a target'. He then hits a hard the pitcher's ankle

                  That .358, in any home park (also .358 on the road), in any era, that is some career batting average............ and a RH batter to boot.
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                  • According to one source I read,Hornsby`s penchant for smashing the ball up the middle led to the use of the protective screen put in front of the pitcher during BP.In his "Line-up For Yesterday" alphabet poem,Odgen Nash has for H:"H is for Hornsby;When pitching to Rog-The pitcher would pitch-Then the pitcher would dodge"!Love how Hornsby has to read every word he says in that video from a cue card.Great clip though.


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