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Years teams added names on uniforms

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  • Years teams added names on uniforms

    With the exception of the Yankees and the Red Sox at home and Giants since 2000 all teams have names on the backs of teir unifroms . What were the teams that waited the longest and which teams added them and later removed them. The ones I can think of are:

    Cubs added names at home in 1993 I believe removed them for a year in 2004 I believe and brought them back after only one year. Also, the Mets went nameless at home in 1999 whichonly lasted that one year and Dodgers tried it both home and road in 2005 and that only lasted one year as well.

    Twins were nameless at home until I believe 1997 or so.

    White Sox added names in the mid 70s were nameless at home again from 1987 until about 1996 when they added the names back.

    Brewers were nameless home and road until about 1989 or so when they added names on road and I beleive stayed nameless at home until 1994 when they changed uniforms.

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