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Who Deserved MVP in 1930?

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  • Who Deserved MVP in 1930?

    Since apparently there was no MVP voting in 1930, Im curious who people think deserved NL MVP in 1930? There are many desreving candidates, maybe even someone Im forgetting in the poll lol
    Hack Wilson
    Chuck Klein
    Gabby Hartnett
    Dazzy Vance
    Babe Herman
    Mel Ott
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    hack wilson easily


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      Originally posted by blackout805 View Post
      hack wilson easily
      What Tupac said.
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        Is Hartnett's season considered one of the best ever for a catcher?


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          Hack Wilson's 1930 stats:
          Year Ag Tm  Lg  G   AB    R    H   2B 3B  HR  RBI  SB CS  BB  SO   BA   OBP   SLG *OPS+  TB   SH  SF IBB HBP GDP 
           1930 30 CHC NL 155  585  146  [B]208[/B]  35  6  [B]56[/B]  [B]191[/B]   3    105  84  [B].356[/B]  .454  [B].723[/B]  [B]178[/B] [B] 423[/B]  18           1
          I looked over Hack's career stats and 1930 really was the definition in "career year". His career best for G, AB, H, R, HR, SLG, OBP, TB and BB all came in 1930!
          While his RBI total is the standout number he had a historically great offensive season in a number of ways.


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            hack all the way


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              One of the greatest years ever by a player-Is there any doubt that Hack Wilson would have gotten it?

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              Holy Cow


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                Hack Wilson's year might not be one of the top 200 seasons of all time and almost certainly is not among the top 100. It could even be out of the top 300. His 178 OPS+ is in a virtual 18 way tie for 192nd all time with the likes of Bonds '98, Pujols '06, and Brett '85, Bagwell '96, Carew '77: all of which I would rank higher because of other factors.

                The only issue with Vance is that his defense independent ERA goes WAY up. He appears to have historically benefitted from his defense.

                It may be enough to still give Wilson the MVP but its not one of the greatest years of all time.

                Vance's WARP I is only 8.8 because his defense made up so much of a difference. BBPro has his defense saving about half an ERA point (like from 3.00 down to 2.50.

                Hack Wilson's WARP I was 11.1 (though his WARP III of 9.7 is probably out of the top 200 seasons of all time).


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                  Twist the numbers around all you want, but i dont think there's any way Wilson's season cannot be included in a list of all time least top 20 or 30. Not only for his historical RBI total, but for being the only person besides Ruth to top 50, 150, .350 in the same year. Sure the ball may have been 'juiced', but I think theres a limit just how good a hitter can be, no matter the circumstances, and Wilson about hit that limit that year. Its not like Ruth and gehrig suddenly hit 80 home runs and batted .500 with the 'juiced ball'. They hit about the same as always. Mel Ott actually had a worse year in 1930 than in 1929. The mistake people make is to take players who hit in worse 'conditons', and blindly adjusting the stats to the new 'conditions'. Sure, if you take Mantle in 1956 and adjusted the stats to the 1930 NL, then he'd end up with a line of like 70, 180, .430 or something like that...but the fact of the matter is NOBODY can do that well. He probably would have ended up with about the same numbers as Wilson, except less RBI, and maybe a slightly higher batting average. BY 'juicing' the ball, I dont believe you raise the standard for what the top echilon of hitters can do, but merely make it possible for MORE guys to enter that level, and the level right below it.

                  That said, I think Klein would have probably gotten the MVP in 1930. He received a TON of suppoet in 1931-1933, finished second twice and first once. So apparently people didnt hold it against him that he benefitted so greatly from his home park.And those years weren't nearly as good as his 1930 season.
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