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How were those suspended for drgs found out?

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  • How were those suspended for drgs found out?

    Obviously, after the trial of that fellow in Pittsburgh (Philadelphia caterer, that's all I recall) a lot of names were given. But, before then, how were players found out? I know Williw Wilson and I think Vida Blue had been suspended a year earlier (or was it Willie Aikens in '84), and a couple others before them. I imagine Steve Howe likely got one of his lifetime suspensions before than, too. Were the players arrested for possession? Or, was there some small amount of testing? I didn't think baseball ever did random testing.

    it'd be interesting if they'd tried, I imagine it would have been almost impossible in the '81 agreement, but you'd think by '85 they *might* have been able to squeeze some in there with the fallout from the Pittsburgh trial.
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    federal government investigations and local police/border patrol/airport security drug arrests
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