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    what can you guys tell me about jim maloney of the reds? i love to stumble on guys that i never really heard of,only to find out they had pretty darn good careers. like i guess he threw 3 no hitters and struck out a bunch.
    i'm almost 50 and don't really remember him. i asked my brother,who is 8 years older and he absolutely remembers him. he said he beat our bucs many times when he'd listen on the radio.
    can anyone tell me how his career ended. did he get hurt or just run out of gas?

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    He came up in 1960 highly-touted, and his 1962 thru 1966 seasons were brilliant. 1967 and 1968 he seemed to have lost a bit of his speed, but the downward trend in offense at the time allowed him still to have a couple of fine seasons. One year in the 1962-66 period he averaged almost 8 innings per appearance.

    But as I recall, arm trouble was his downfall. He didn't have any particular seasons in which he was heavily used (maybe 33-35 starts at most), and peaked out at about 250 innings, so "overwork" in terms of innings pitched or complete games doesn't seem to have been a big problem.

    Just a case of a really fine young pitcher burning out before his time with arm trouble.....


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      Maloney was just a monster before he blew his arm out. Every time you faced him you were facing the possibility of being no-hit.

      Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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