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When Nolan Ryan Knocked Gil Hodges

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  • When Nolan Ryan Knocked Gil Hodges

    Young fireballer Nolan Ryan said that the Mets failed to help him develop, partially because manager Gil Hodges and pitching coach Rube Walker were uncommunicative. In his first season with the Angels, Nolan won 19 games and had 329 strikeouts.

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    Hmmm, a veteran manager not trusting a young player. How odd.
    Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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      Not trusting? I don't see anything about not trusting Ryan...


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        I have heard Ryan credit Rube Walker as a pitching coach. Ryan had a good postseason in 1969 as a reliever, pitched several great games in 1970 (15Ks against SD), but overall was still erratic and inconsistent. He was still young with the Mets, and that was a tough starting staff to break into. If anything,his walks were probably not looked too kindly upon. When Koosman was hurt in 1971, Ryan was given a regular spot in the rotation. He just didnt blossom. He was friends with many players on the team, but was still unhappy in NY.
        I think the change of scenery, as well as being an Angel starter regardless of his performance took a lot of pressure off him and he blossomed in 1972. I think he was about 25 or so in 72. Its not that uncommon for a pitcher to blossom at that age after struggling in his early twenties.


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