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  • One-Year Team Players

    Can you guys come up with any players who played for a certain team for just one season, but was very good for that one year with that one team?

    Example: Juan Gonzalez with the 2001 Indians.
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    1975 Yankees - Bobby Bonds

    1976 Orioles - Reggie Jackson

    2000 Mets - Mike Hampton


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      1939- Roy Hobbs (New York Knights)

      In 73 games he hit:

      .381/.509/.894, 1.403 OPS, 285 OPS+, 34 HR, 99 RBI, 86 R, 24 doubles, 5 triples, 101 H, 67 BB, 43 K, 117 RC
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        Rogers Hornsby did it twice - he had a 175 OPS+ for the 1927 Giants, and a 200 OPS+ for the 1928 Braves. And after each of these seasons, he was traded at a value of about five cents on the dollar.

        That tells you a lot about the kind of person Rogers Hornsby was.


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          Richie Zisk-1977 White Sox

          Ron Gant-1995 Reds


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            Dick Allen 1971 Dodgers
            Garry Sheffield had a year and a half with the Padres in the early 1990s.
            Orlando Cepeda had somewhat of a comeback year for the Red Sox in 1973, but was released at the end of the year. In fact, I will have to look it up, but I think the early years of the DH had a lot of players moving around a lot from team to team.
            Frank Robinson had an injury plagued 1972 season with the Dodgers, but still had a lot of value in him when he was traded to the Angels after just one season.


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              Eddie Plank - 1915 - St. Louis Terriers (FL) - 21-11 153 ERA+
              Ernie Lombardi - 1942 - Boston Braves - .330 AVG 161 OPS+
              Goose Gossage - 1977 - Pittsburgh Pirates - 243 ERA+
              Randy Johnson - 1998 - Houston Astros - 10-1 321 ERA+
              Ron LeFlore - 1980 - Montreal Expos - 97 SBs
              Nick Esasky - 1989 - Boston Red Sox - 30 HR 133 OPS+
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                Originally posted by parlo View Post
                Dick Allen 1971 Dodgers
                His 1970 stint with the St. Louis Cardinals was almost as good too.


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                  Frank Thomas - 2005 Athletics


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                    Reggie Sanders- 2001 Diamondbacks, 2002 Giants, 2003 Pirates

                    Benito Santiago-1996 Phillies

                    Todd Zeile-1996 Phillies & Orioles, 1999 Rangers, 2002 Rockies

                    Moises Alou-1997 Marlins

                    Todd Jones-2005 Marlins
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                      Originally posted by dgarza View Post
                      His 1970 stint with the St. Louis Cardinals was almost as good too.
                      Actually, his 1970 Cardinal season was more explosive than his 1971 Dodger season. But the Dodgers missed the NL West pennant by one game, while the 1970 Cardinals weren't in the race. Had Richie (Dick, Rich, Richard) Allen stuck around one more season with the Cardinals, the extra firepower might have helped them overcome a 7-game Pirate lead in the 1971 NL East - the Cardinals won 90 games that season. But, Richie joined the mod-squad in Los they were affectionately nicknamed that season (after the semi-popular TV show). He was traded for infielder Ted Sizemore and monor league catcher, Bob Stinson.


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