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  • ScrewBll45
    Tom Grieve

    Once at a Rangers, I decided to buy some of there 5 dollar funnel cake, I get to the little kiosk-in-the-wall thingy and in front of me in line, is Tom. I knew who it was right away, so while we were waiting, I leaned forward and said "Hiya Tom!", Tom turns around, slightly puzzled, and then says "How Ya Doin." We must have talked for like 20 minutes after that, it was nice to meet someone as humble and nice as Tom, plus he was a decent player.

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  • maxcarey
    In April of 1980, I met Richie Hebner at a car dealership when I was nine years old. My father was from Pittsburgh and I was raised a Pirates fan in Detroit. He told me about Clemente, Stargell and the rest and the first season I was a "real" fan the Bucs won the World Series.

    So, here's this 9 year old asking all these questions about Clemente and the Pirates, and God love him, Hebner answers every one, signs an autograph and takes a picture with me.

    In May, I go to a Tiger game and go down to the Tigers dugout to hang out before the game. Here comes Hebner warming up in front of the dugout. He comes over and signs a few autographs and spots me. He welcomes me BY NAME and gives me the ball he was warming up with! Blew me away and made me a baseball (and Hebner) fan for life.

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  • Appling
    Originally posted by driver62
    Roy McMillan - good fielding SS for the Reds
    Wally Post - Also of the Reds. Boy, did he have power
    Big Klu - That man would be big today and he could also hit for average.
    Others are Johnny Temple, Johnny Wyrostek (SP) and Ken Raffensberger.

    Can you tell I'm a Reds fan?
    Somehow I guessed you were a Reds fan before I read that last line!

    I remember one year the fans voted mostly Reds players on the NL All-Star team. I think the ASG was in Cincinnatti that year, and therefore a heavy vote from that area.

    But I always wondered: you can see these Reds players at any home game. Just for a change, wouldn't most Reds fans like to see some other NL stars play against the AL's best?

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  • 1905 Giants
    Favorties who won't make the Hall

    Well, I didn't see all of them play, but reading and hearing about them put them in a special place to me:

    (No Particular Order)

    1.Jay Buhner
    2.Dan Wilson
    3.Carl Furillo
    4.Preacher Roe
    5.Mort Cooper
    6.Ken Boyer.
    7.The McDaniel Brothers. (Lindy and Von)
    8.Roger Maris

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  • Bob Hannah
    Frank Howard
    Eddie Brinkman
    Norm Cash
    Bill Freehan (sp?)
    Boog Powell
    John Roseboro

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  • driver62
    This is reaching back a ways.

    Roy McMillan - good fielding SS for the Reds

    Wally Post - Also of the Reds. Boy, did he have power

    Big Klu - That man would be big today and he could also hit for average.

    Others are Johnny Temple, Johnny Wyrostek (SP) and Ken Raffensberger.

    Can you tell I'm a Reds fan?

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  • Lindseynelson
    Excellent idea
    Rocky Colavito---Glen Beckert-Steve Hamilton--Curt Blefary----Johnny(greatest foul ball slugger in history!)Ellis---Oscar Gamble--Bobby Bonds----Joe Pepitone-- Randy Hundley--- and the brutally snubbed Ron Santo to name a few

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  • brewcrew82
    I'm definately showing my are my favourite non-HOF players from when I was younger-

    Cecil Cooper
    Ron Gant
    Sid Bream
    Dave Stewart (ok, so nearly everyone on A's from the "Bash Brothers" era were cool, but Dave and the Rickey were my favourites)
    John Kruk
    Cecil Fielder
    Andy Van Slyke

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  • Buzzaldrin
    Roger Metzger
    Cesar Cedeno
    Bob Watson,
    J.R. Richard
    Joe Sambito
    Doug Rader
    Enos "check your baggage" Cabell- it has now been 30 years since he was first with the Stros, and still no player in the majors has come close to shooting as much personal pool as he has- you gotta respect a guy who plays 150 games a season in front of 10,000 people and has the "balls" to do that.

    As for the non-Astros we tried to beat once in a while back in the 70's:

    Rennie Stennett (member him?)
    the Mad Hungarian
    Hank Aaron (who didn't love him?)
    Dusty Baker
    Randy Jones
    Dan Driessen

    My Mom loved Tony Oliva and Carl Yastrzemski (other than Cheo), but they were American Leaguers and way too far away to see live, so they didn't do it for me.

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  • Biggtone23
    Roberto Kelly
    Paul O'Niell
    Mike Gallego
    Andy Stankiewicz
    Jim Abbott
    Alvaro Espinoza
    Melido Perez
    Jimmy Key
    Gerald Williams

    and at this rate it seems like my all time favorite Don Mattingly will never be elected to the Hall.

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  • Chisox
    As someone whose first years were as a Twin's fan during their two title seasons in '87 and '91 before switching to the Sox in '92, but still keeps the Twin's as a favorite, mine are basically two teams.

    White Sox
    Joey Cora
    Steve Sax
    Lance Johnson
    Black Jack McDowell
    Ron Karkovice
    Estaban Beltre
    HOF possible (or in)
    Robin Ventura
    Harold Baines
    Frank Thomas
    Tim Raines
    Carlton Fisk

    Kent Hrbek
    Greg Gagne
    Shane Mack
    Scott Erickson
    John Smiley
    Tom Brunansky
    HOF Possible (or in)
    Kirby Puckett
    Jack Morris

    I also like Scott Brosius and Walt Weiss. George Brett, Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, and Ryne Sandberg were some HOFers I liked along with Brian MacRae, Kevin McReynolds, Eric Davis, and Wally Joyner. I always liked Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.

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  • west coast orange and black
    forgotten but still favorites

    dirty al gallagher
    jimmy ray hart
    jose pagan
    tito fuentes
    robby thompson
    bob barton

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  • SABR Matt
    I'm waiting for the first game where Moyer never touches 80 and where his change-ups come in in the 40s...LOL

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  • christian gentleman
    some favorites who will never be forgotten by me

    Mickey Rivers, NYA
    Felix Millan, NYN
    Dave Kingman, NYN
    Bruce Boisclair, NYN
    Eddie Kranepool, NYN

    I don't know why so many mets. Guess a lot of my friends were Mets fans and I remember going to games at Shea. Felix Millan was great.

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  • Edgartohof
    Originally posted by SABR Matt
    Jamie Moyer

    Just keeps throwing slower and slower and slower and slower and...

    and yet keeps winning.
    I just started cracking up when I saw this - but it is SO true. I've been happy to see anything in the low 80's with him, but he was 10-0 at Safeco last year, and he did have a FABULOUS start

    Originally posted by SABR Matt
    Jay Buhner

    A real showman...beloved by all who loved the Miracle Mariners.
    totally agree

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