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  • If you had a chance to watch.....

    If you had the chance to watch a player you've never seen live for a full regular season who would that player be? Please tell me why you would like to see that player over any other players.

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    Either Babe Ruth or Willie Mays. Babe Ruth just to see his startlingly consistent offensive greatness. It must have been something to see.

    Mays because he seems like the most exciting player who ever lived (though, I was priviledged to see Rickey Henderson's career, one guy who might compete with Mays for excitement). His fielding greatness, hitting greatness, baserunning greatness...and all with flash and showiness.
    "In the end it all comes down to talent. You can talk all you want about intangibles, I just don't know what that means. Talent makes winners, not intangibles. Can nice guys win? Sure, nice guys can win - if they're nice guys with a lot of talent. Nice guys with a little talent finish fourth and nice guys with no talent finish last." --Sandy Koufax


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      Without a doubt - Ty Cobb. Every aspect of his game was exciting. Just to see the tension he created while on the base paths would be worth the price of admission.


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        Dizzy Dean. I understand he was a very colorful character on and off the mound.

        Of course, I started watching baseball as a kid in the 60's, when Diz was calling the games with partner Pee Wee Reese, on CBS. He was a very colorful broadcaster, that's for sure.


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          Id go watch Micky Mantle in his prime, or Ted Williams. And of course id stop by to see Babe in the 20's, who wouldnt?


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            My grandfather had the privilege to watch the Great Babe Ruth over 30 times in his life. He told me so many stories about the Babe and I would love to see Babe Ruth play for a full season. Just to see him hit one of his home runs would be priceless, just to see how far they really go. He was also a colorful character so I'd like to see how he acted while playing baseball.


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              I would start with the 19th century players just to see how different the game was played.
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                I can't choose one...

                Cobb---we have no equivalent in modern ball who played with his ferocity

                Ruth---Just to see one of those balls launced into a new Yankee Stadium

                Mathewson--to see my Grandfather's favorite break off a "fadeaway"

                Smoky Joe Wood--to see Joe in 1912 when he was on top of the world
                “Well, I like to say I’m completely focused, right? I mean, the game’s on the line. It’s not like I’m thinking about what does barbecue Pop Chips and Cholula taste like. Because I already know that answer — it tastes friggin’ awesome!"--Brian Wilson


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                  Because it's Old World ball at its most magnificent, with virtually none of it on film, I'd love to see Cobb in 1908 - both to jeer him and applaud him. The benefits of seeing him in the amazing season of Aught-Eight would be many. I'd get to witness not only "Crazy '08", but also see Crawford, Walsh, Joss & Young (not the law firm - the ballplayers) all fighting their way to the pennant. Maybe I could even sneak away for the historic October 2nd pitching duel between Walsh & Joss.

                  Plus, when the Tigers head to New York, I could go see Mugs McGraw & Mathewson, preferably when Wagner's in town! (The ballplayer, not the BBF poster:cap


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                    No question: Ty Cobb. I'd like to see how in the heck someone could score from first base on an infield out, and all the other antics he pulled off.

                    Sure, Babe Ruth slammed monster home runs, but we've seen that before. I'm not sure there's ever been anyone who played the game quite like Tyrus.
                    "Hey Mr. McGraw! Can I pitch to-day?"


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                      Not Jackie Robinson, LET ME FINISH! It would be too heart breaking to watch him play with a lot of people booing and yelling at him. He was a great ball player and great man.

                      I guess my answer would be my grandfather. He never played in the major leagues, but it would be nice to watch him play during his baseball days. It would be a fun family history lesson. He was a pitcher and infielder (I think either 1B or 3B).

                      Sorry for my sappy answer.

                      If it's just among the pros, probably Ted Williams. "Ted Williams was what John Wayne would have liked us to think he was." - Robert Lipsyte


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                        Just so, so, many. For example . . .

                        Cobb - To see the excitement he generated on the bases. The chutzpah, the trash-talking. To see if he really disrupted the opposition.

                        Walter Johnson - To see his speed.

                        Joe Jackson - To see his swing.

                        Satchel Paige - His domination of his hitters.

                        Matty - His overall control.

                        Wagner - His fielding.

                        And I'd love to see the following, based on their overall mastery of the game: Buck Ewing, George Sisler, Eddie Collins, John 'Pop' Lloyd, Biz Mackey, Oscar Charleston.

                        And I'd love to see Rube Waddell, just to have fun!
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                          I wish I had been alive in 1972 to watch Steve Carlton have his miracle season.


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                            Like others, I couldn't limit it to just one player. My choices have been mentioned before:

                            Cobb- I saw Rickey Henderson play; I'd want to see if Cobb was a greater force on the bases than Rickey or not.

                            Walter Johnson - to see how fast he threw.

                            Honus Wagner - because I did see Willie Mays play; I'd want to see if Wagner was a more complete player than Mays or not.

                            The Babe - because he was the Babe.

                            And I'd love to watch some 19th century baseball to see how different the game was and where it wasn't.


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                              Originally posted by KHenry14 View Post

                              Ruth---Just to see one of those balls launced into a new Yankee Stadium
                              That's what 90% of the fans came there to see. But imagine you going to see that, but instead you see him lace two singles to left, and lay down a push bunt before stealing second, and in the next inning he makes a great catch and throws a guy out at home. You might go home upset. That's the pressure he dealt with day in and day out, knowing what everyone came to see and expect. We'll never understand.


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