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    Hello strong minds of "Baseball Fever", well yeah I'm a new member, hoping to become a good member on here...don't forget to check my brand new blog .

    What happened to this guy? I've read about him in bits and pieces, and know he was a heavy drinker and accidentally propelled "Old Hoss" to his big season in '84 & also know that he had those 19 K's (record, until the "Rocket")...but why did he leave baseball?
    Was it because the game he pitched drunk and they were up 6-2, he got taken out, stormed off the field and terminated himself from the majors? Or was there some underlying issue I don't know...I also see that after '84 he fell the hell off!

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    In early 1885, Sweeney injured his shoulder and was ineffective for the next two seasons prompting the St.L Maroons to release him in June,1886. He also got into a "vicious fight" with Maroons teammate Emmet Seery in 1886 as well, which may have been another reason that St.L released him. He attempted a comeback in 1887 with the Cleveland Blues, but went 0-3 with an 8.25 ERA and his playing career was over.

    In 1894, Sweeney was convicted of murdering a man in a San Francisco saloon. He would die in prison of consumption in 1902.

    Charlie Sweeney's name came up a few days ago when we were talking about the St. Louis Maroons. Somebody mentioned that he injured his arm i...


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      On November 1, 1894 Charles Sweeney was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Cornelius McManus in a bar fight in SF on Sunday July 15. Sweeney shot McManus who died the following day

      On the 9th he was sentenced to eight years by a Judge Wallace.

      Sweeney died of consumption on April 4, 1902 in San Quentin Prison.


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