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History of baseball in Memphis

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  • History of baseball in Memphis

    I'm looking for the history of baseball in the city of Memphis, more specifically I'm looking for living baseball players that played in Memphis in decades past. I work for the Memphis Redbirds and we're looking to have a former Memphis player throw out the first pitch at our senior citizens appreciation day. If anyone knows someone I can contact I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks.

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    The man who knows everything there is to know about baseball in Memphis is named John Guinozzo. I met him in 2004 and I assume he is still going strong and is associated with the Memphis Redbirds. I have 3 contacts for him as of that date... [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

    I just reread your post after posting mine; I missed the fact you work for the Redbirds. I surprised you haven't come across John. I think he was an official scorer for Redbird games in 2004.
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      My grandfather played for the Memphis Chicks (I think that was the name back then) back in the day.


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        who was your grandfather and when did he play in Memphis?


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          H.T. Zachary and he played catcher in the late '30s before WWII and then for a few years after he came back from the war. However he passed away in the '90s.

          Bo Jackson played for the Memphis Chicks, that would be great to get him to throw out a first pitch!


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            I'm an Auburn alum so having Bo Jackson throw out the first pitch would be great. I contacted his management a couple of months ago and they said he had family obligations on our proposed date. Thanks for the suggestion.


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              Have you guys had Tim McCarver? He played for the Chicks too. Gary Carter played for the Memphis Blues.
              Here is a list of players from Memphis...
              Bob Caruthers
              Tim McCarver
              David West
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