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Ripken's Streak vs Gehrig Streak..

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  • Ripken's Streak vs Gehrig Streak..

    In your opinion which streak is most amazing, Lou Gehrig streak or Cal Ripken streak?

    Please tell me why you chose that one over the other.

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    Both are very overrated IMO. The fact is you need luck to get such rediculously long streaks. Sure keep yourself as fit as possible, but you need luck with avoiding all the random injuries and illnesses that effect everyone at some point.
    Anyway, missing 1 or 2 games a season doesnt make anyone elses career less impressive.
    Ripken pretty much has 2 things on his resume: Lots of all star games and the streak. Without the streak he would just be another above average player. Gehrig had his streak whilst putting up some of the best hitting numbers of all time and there was never any question that he was on the team just to keep a streak going.


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      Perhaps Gehrig, because he also played more AS games and post-season games within the streak.


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        gehrig played at a much higher level and played through more serious injuries


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          I think Gehrig is more impressive, since he played a lot of double headers during his streak. I know someone can make the argument that the Shorstop and third base position is by far more consuming on the body then first base, which is true, but personally I think Gehrig is more impressive because when you put everything together, I'd give the edge to Gehrig.

          Sorry Bob but I have to disagree with you when you say their streaks are overrated.


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            Lou Gehrig deserves every measure of tribute and respect he ever received. Just to stay in the all-time historic lineups he did for so many years is remarkable - nevermind his doing so day-in, day-out, with such unparalled excellence, reliabilty & endurance. He may have regarded himself the 'the luckiest man alive", but none of his astounding abilities or achievements were the consequence of "luck". His baseball greatness, including his record number of consecutive games, was due to his unmatched coupling of top-shelf talent, huge production and unsurpassed work ethic.

            I vote for Lou, with a big tip of the hat to Cal, also, for all his own great dedication and contributions to the game.


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              Achieving the streak with so many games at SS is an incredible feat. But I would say that Gehrig's streak is more impressive. If Gehrig had never set the streak in the first place, something for Ripken to shoot for, it is doubtful that Ripken would have played so many consecutive games. There were clearly times that I thought Ripken was doing his team more harm by playing every game instead of taking a game or two off and return to playing at a higher level. The manager is supposed to put forth a lineup that he feels gives him the best chance to win, and that includes knowing when to rest certain players to keep them fresh over the grind of the long season. In Ripken's case, I don't believe the manager had that option - he HAD to put Ripken out there "because of the streak." Because Gehrig played at such a higher level than Ripken, I don't believe that was nearly as much a factor when Gehrig was playing until he was ill at the end of his streak.

              Playing consecutive games is an impressive display of individual durability, but I don't value it much if it hurts the team. I am more impressed by someone who plays the game at an extremely high level than someone playing every day but at a much lower level.


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