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    anyone know much about this - i saw wesley fricks mention it - it was orginally suggested as a massive baseball training facility - wilbert robinson retired to the area
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    Dover Hall Hunting Retreat!

    I have everything that you want to know about DOVER HALL!

    I have the land deeds when Col Huston bought the land near Brunswick, Georgia. I know all about the property. It is situated between Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Fl., more closer to Savannah.

    I lived in Savannah for six years and had to travel to Jax for business purposes. I would stop and search for the propoerty and no one there new anything about it and gave me the "I don't know what you're talking about" look. I finally found it.

    The place was considered to be haunted. There use to be a huge slave plantation near there and near the banks of the rivers that ran by it, there use to be an island called Cemetary Island. When the slaves on the plantation died, they would be buried on this very small island. Many stories have surfaced about what was heard and seen.

    Here is one story involving Tris Speaker and Babe Ruth. On this particular afternoon Tris and other players decided to go down the river on a fishing expedition, Ruth decided to stay behind at the lodge. Before the fishermen realized it, darkness had came up on them and they started back to the lodge. As the men were approaching the docking area, it was believed that they heard chains and saw visitants near the island. Speaker was so frieghtened that he jump into the water and swam to the banks and ran all the way to the lodge.

    Tris busted open the door and Ruth busted out laughing and said to Speaker, "You look like you just seen a ghost."
    Wesley Fricks


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      that is interesting stuff - cobb himself is one the the most fascinating personalities in american sports - would love to see a bio of him - an outside the foul lines bio so to speak - skip the play by play and get to the man - that's what his legend needs


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