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Why McGraw Traded For Herzog

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  • Why McGraw Traded For Herzog

    The goal is to win – period. Winners may not like those who help them win, but that is irrelevant. Winners prefer teammates whom they hate but who help them win over teammates who are great to be with after the game but are not winners, which brings us to John McGraw and Buck Herzog, two men who despised each other.
    Baseball articles you might not like but should read.

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    March 31, 1917 at the Oriental Hotel in Dallas (both teams staying there, game in question the same day)

    Herzog actually walked up to Cobb as Cobb was dining and challenged him to a fight - after an argument in the lobby. Cobb was only seconded by trainer Harry Tuthill.

    McGraw was actually the one that instigated an argument with Cobb in front of the hotel. Cobb kept his temper and walked away.

    The Giants began taunting Cobb on 3/30 over being late to the game after having a tee time. They continued into the 31st, prompting Cobb aggressive behavior in the game.
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      Interesting. I read the articles.

      When I wrote my article this morning, I was going to trace the originals, which you provided, but I had enough (misplaced) faith in Arthur Daley to figure that his account would be good enough. It wasn't.

      Baseball articles you might not like but should read.


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        Very interesting stuff.
        Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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          McGraw showed throughout his career that he was willing to put his personal feelings aside in order to try to win. Heck, he even signed Hal Chase -- and this was after his best friend, Matty, threw Chase off the Reds for "indifferent play."
          "Hey Mr. McGraw! Can I pitch to-day?"


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