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    Oftentimes a team is referred to by a name other than the teams name.
    For example, the Pirates are the Bucs, Mets are the Amazins, or Metropolitans, Yankees are the Bombers, Padres are the Friars etc.
    Then there are also nicknames that refer to a specific year or era. Gashouse Gang, Whiz Kids etc.

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    The Indians are called the Tribe.

    The 1979 Pirates were the Family, or the We Are Family
    The 1965-75 Yankees are sometimes called the Horace Clark years
    The 1967 Red Sox were the Impossible Dream


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      Big Red Machine (Cincinnati mostly 1975-1976 but could start as early as 1970)
      Marlins - Fish
      59 Chisox - Go Go?
      14 Braves - Miracle?
      80-something Chisox - winning ugly
      Detroit - kitties?
      Cubs - southsiders
      Chisox - northsiders (or am I backwards?)
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        Yeah, the Cubbies are on the North Side, RMB.
        White Sox - Pale Hose
        Cleveland - Naps (after Napoleon Lajoie in the early days)
        Cardinals - Redbirds
        Cleveland - Crybabies (during the rebellion)
        Oakland - Gang Green (OK, I made that one up)
        Yankees - 5 O'Clock Lightning (in the '30s)
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          For the Brewers:
          1979-1980: Bambi's Bombers
          1982-1983: Harvey's Wallbangers

          As a regular nickname, the "Brew Crew" is the normal one, with the derivative of just "The Crew" being most popular these days from locals.
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            1970's Big Red Machine? Cincinnati always gets overlooked.
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              1914 Boston Braves-"Miracle" Braves

              Washington Senators- Nationals or Nats

              Detroit Tigers- Bengals

              The Philadelphia A's were sometimes referred to as the "Mack Men".

              The early to mid 1930's Cardinals were called the "Gashouse Gang".

              1930's Brooklyn Dodgers were known as the "Daffiness Boys".

              Late 1940's to 1957, the Dodgers were "Da Bums".


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                Red Sox are sometimes called the BoSox, Nationals are called the Nats, and I've heard the Twins called the Twinkies. Don't forget about the Blacksox and Murderer's Row
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                  "Refuse To Lose"

                  "Sodo Mojo"


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                    In the post WWII era nearly every team had at least one alternate nickname used by their beat-writers:

                    Boston Red Sox-Millionaires; Yawkeymen
                    New York Yankees-Bombers
                    Philadelphia Athletics-Mackmen
                    Washington Nationals-Senators; Solons
                    Cleveland Indians-Redskins
                    Chicago White Sox-Pale Hose

                    Boston Braves-The Tribe
                    New York Giants-Jints
                    Brooklyn Dodgers-Bums; The Flock
                    Philadelphia Phillies-Blue Jays; Quakers
                    Pittsburgh Pirates-Buccaneers

                    These are off the top of my head. I'll have to look up the rest.


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                      I can't believe nobody said the "Bronx Zoo" (Yanks 77"-78") Evil Empire (Yanks present day) "Idiots" (2004 RedSox)
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                        The term "Halos" has been used for the Angels since the beginning. I remember when they used to have actual halos around the top of their soft caps.
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                          During the 1983 season, the pennant winning Philadelphia Phillies were called, "The Wheeze Kids," due to the ages of a few of their players.


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                            Originally posted by RuthMayBond View Post
                            Big Red Machine (Cincinnati mostly 1975-1976 but could start as early as 1970)
                            Marlins - Fish
                            59 Chisox - Go Go?
                            14 Braves - Miracle?
                            80-something Chisox - winning ugly
                            Detroit - kitties?
                            Cubs - southsiders
                            Chisox - northsiders (or am I backwards?)
                            IIRC, the Big Red Machine term was being used in 1972 and 73.


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                              The most Amazin' team of 'em all - the 1969 'Miracle Mets'.


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