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    Is it me or does Gary Sheffield seem underrated? He appears done now, but he has been a top notch hitter since 1992..that is a LONG time. I think the reason maybe be because he really didnt have a 'peak'..say 5 or 6 or 7 consecutive seasons where he produced at his best level. His greatest seasons were somewhat spread out, with subpar/injury seasons sprinkled throughout. I think this changed people's perception of him. But, depending how you define 'peak', I think he should be up there with guys like Pujols, Ramirez, Bagwell and Thomas.
    Lets look at top OPS+ seasons:

    189, 176, 176 (half a season), 170, 164, 162

    187, 178, 172, 168, 157

    Im not saying Pujols wont have as good a career as Sheffield, but people consider Albert to have an all time great peak, and it appears that Gary was just as good at hs best, but just not in successive seasons. He also had a bunch of seasons just a notch below that. Why, then, do people already put Pujols higher on their all time players lists, when its obvious he has a way to go to match Sheffield's long term success?

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