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Two More Reasons Clemens Was Great

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  • Two More Reasons Clemens Was Great

    Roger Clemens was one of the greatest of all pitchers. He was almost as good as Gooden when Gooden was good, yet even Gooden never did what Roger did, and then did again.

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    HGH and PED's?


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      Originally posted by TigerNation View Post
      HGH and PED's?
      Why didn't everybody do so well, then?
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        Do those 2 games mean he's greater than somebody who would put up identical stats but without those 20K games. He never hit a perfect game, in fact he never had a no-hitter. Does that mean Kenny Rogers who had a perfect game is better?
        While he is undoubtably a top 20 all time pitcher regardless of what was flowing through his veins at the time i dont see how single games can effect how "great" a player is, especially one with a 24 year career.


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