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1932 World Series The Next Game

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  • 1932 World Series The Next Game

    I'm sure most on the board have seen this video, Babe at bat and getting hit on the arm. This was the very first pitch in his first at bat and certainly no accident. It's everywhere on a number of DVDs, Ken Burn's special "Baseball" just to mention one. I have yet to see one of them describe this at bat, what was it all about. Did some research and found some info. There is a bit of a story to that at bat.

    This is Babes first at bat in the game that followed the "Called Shot" game. On the mound for the Cubs Guy Bush. The day before he was Babe's chief tormentor on the Cub bench. Hurling insults at The Babe from the Cub bench at one time so far on to the field that the ump ordered him to get back to the bench.

    On the first pitch Bush hits Babe on the arm. As he trots to first base he makes flicking motions, brushing off his arm as though to brush aside a pesky insect. Then nearing first base he mockingly applauds Bush yells at him. Gehrig on deck said he heard Babe's words to Bush, " Hey lop ears, was that your fast ball." Bush never finishes the first inning
    After the game Ruth's arm is seen, black and blue and swollen. The quality not so good, my camera not available so I used a cell phone. I should add on the actual video it's plain to see the pitch was up around the head area. The third picture shows the ball going up after hitting Babe's arm.

    Here it is, The Next Game.
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    Some on the game before Bush hit Ruth. Cub SS Billy Jurges tells what he saw and heard, the home run Babe hit batting against Charlie Root.
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