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Carl O'Grady Van Natta Aces, House of David (Louis Murrphy's, not Benton Harbor), etc

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  • Carl O'Grady Van Natta Aces, House of David (Louis Murrphy's, not Benton Harbor), etc


    I have finally been able to get my grandfather's (Carl "Rosy" O'Grady) uniforms and some pictures out of storage and take some photographs. I have them uploaded (to photo bucket carlogrady). I wanted to share these photos with anyone that wants to see, and invite anyone to comment on the teams, or players. I do not know if my grandfather was semi-Pro, or what. I know that I haven't seen him on any major league rosters, and can't find any information on the Van Natta Aces but it sounds like they may have been another barnstorm team like Louis Murphy's House of David (refernced as the fake HOD team).

    I have most of his uniforms, the Van Natta Aces being in the worst shape with the sleeves removed and some moth holes. The House of David is in decent shape as are the others.

    The best I can tell, he played from 1928 up until the war. He was injured in WW2 in Europe and came home a parapalegic. I miss him dearly, and this research is fulfilling.

    I have a copy of an article where he struck out 23 in a 9 inning game in Phillipsburg NJ while pitching for the House of David. This was in a Believe it or not column of the Evening Bulletin-Philadelphia PA. The dates noted are Dec 6. 1934 which is hand written-might be the date this was printed and August 4, 1934 is part of the article, likely the date it happened. The sketch is in the Benton Harbor House of David Uniform.

    I also have two Louisville sluggers with his name engraved-pics are in the photobucket link below.

    I also have a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth and accompanying that is a diary with a photo of Babe Ruth that my mother has in her possession. The note near the photo reads that Babe broke his bat and made a comment to my grandfather while signing the ball. My mother will be visiting me shortly and will bring the diary. I will photgraph each page.

    If anyone has any comments regarding this, please share! I know it might not seem the best organized right now, but I am working on that! I hope I am posting this in the right place of the forum, and hope the link is okay!

    Some of the photos are below as well as at the link here:
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    House of David

    Here is a Team picture with an image of the back of the photo listing team players. This is in 1932. In the Babe Ruth Pictures, there is a picture of Babe Ruth with a fake beard dated March of 31. I wonder if this was taken when playing with/against Louis Murphy's House of David, or if it was one of the northern teams. The back of the picture states that they played against most of the major league teams during spring training...check out some of the pictures!

    Team Picture

    Inscription on back of Picture:

    The Uniform Jersey



    If anyone has more information, please share it!

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      Van Natta Aces

      If anyone has any information on the Van Natta Aces, please share! Pepper Martin, Dizzy Dean, Paul Dean, played on this team. Are they a barnstorm exhibition team?

      This photo was taken Thursday October 6, 1932

      I am having difficulty finding more information on them.

      Team Picture


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        Van Natta Aces Continued

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          Queens Uniform

          These photos are of Carl O'Grady in a Queens uniform-any ideas what team this may be, and how to find more information?


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            Cedar Rapids Bunnies 1928- Reportedly Cincinnati Reds Affiliate

            Cedar Rapids Bunnies played in the Mississippi Valley League. According to Wikipedia, they were in last place in their division. Below are some pics of the uniform and a picture of Carl O'Grady in it.

            On the back of the picture it reads:

            Carl Edward O'Grady
            Pitcher for Cedar Rapids (Professional) Bunny Base Ball team in Mississippi Valley League. Season of 1928. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. To Mother and Dad 610 East Main Street. Christopher, Illinois.


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              Carl "Rosy" O'Grady's Bats

              Here are two of his bats.


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                Other Teams Carl "Rosy" O'Grady has played for

                Not positive where these teams played, again, any information would be greatly appreciated!



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                  I am hoping that someone might have information on these teams...anyone?


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                    Hello, my name is Seth Dohrn. I don't know if you will get this response 3 years later but better late than never. I work for the Cedar Rapids Kernels a minor league team in the midwest league. I have been working with our Hall of Fame and our collection for the past few years. Figured I would share with you what i can about the 1928 Cedar Rapids Bunnies. These are very cool images of your grandfather playing for Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Bunnies finished 45-78 that season under managers Bob "Ziggy" Hasbrook and Harry "Spoke" Emery. Emery was the only player from the 1928 team who played in major league baseball (played prior to coming to Cedar Rapids) collecting two hit in three at bats for the 1924 Philadelphia Phillies.

                    Carl O'Grady played 37 games that year batting .224 collecting 17 hits including 2 doubles in 76 at bats. Additional stats are available for the team at:
           - 1928 Cedar Rapids Bunnies

                    If it was possible to have you scan the picture and email it to us, I would really appreciate it. We have a jersey top on display in our Hall of Fame almost exactly like yours. They are truly priceless. Hope some of this info is helpful. drop me an email at [email protected] if you have any further questions.


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