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  • Cooperstown Ballcap Co.

    Anyone own a cap from this company??? I'm thinking of splashing out some cash, and am just curious if any of you have any of their products...

    Not trying to shill for them or promote them...

    Bryan in Indy
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    I have a few of their early 20th century caps (for display, not wearing--alas, I possess not the cranial shape to successfully pull off this bygone style ). Material quality is impressive, though I would beware of their claims of absolute authenticity--the caps I have are all six-panel, whereas they should authentically be eight-panel; and they also possess crown support they shouldn't have. If this is not a concern, you have my wholehearted recommendation. They were even gracious when I had to return a model I had mistakenly ordered simply through my own carelessness.
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      I have many of their hats as well. Unfortunately, my head has grown (no, I don't use steroids) so I can't wear any of them. I bought a 1914 replica Cubs cap with the flexible sizing and I fully endorse that.
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        I have a 1917 White Sox cap. I've had it about a decade, and it's held up very well.
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          Sounds good... but Cubs and White Sox? And $44 for a hat to "display?"

          I plan on wearing my Cardinals Hat, and old St. Louis Browns hat.... ordered them today.

          Thanks for your replies.
          "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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            I have a few of their caps: 1929 Philaelphia A's, 1932 Chicago Cubs, 1952 Philadelphia A's. I'd say their pre-WWII are good. The more "modern" ones aren't quite as authentic.

            They do look nice and are comfortable.


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              I bought a 1956 Red Sox cap from them several weeks ago. Can anyone tell me if they send you tracking info through email when they ship it?
              Anyone have pics of their caps?


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                To the top.


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                  Most comfortable hat I own.Went through hell and back to get it.Started out with a 56 hat and the quality of the embroidery was poor and it just wasn't cut right. Tried to have it resized and came back worse. I asked them to make me a new one and got the 46 cap.
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