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  • Can anyone find it in themselves to vote on this? Please?


    • I ranked third basemen a while ago, but never wrote it down. I had Traynor around 6-8 I believe.

      I currently have Honus Wagner 6th among all players, behind Mantle, Mays, Williams, Bonds and Ruth. I can easily put him ahead of Mantle on a good day, though.

      Pitcher rankings are hard for me, but I don't have Mathewson top five.

      I put Reggie Jackson MUCH lower than most people. Right now I have him between 60 and 65, and the only reason I have him that high is because of how much a lot of people here respect him.

      I have Pete Rose around 50, on the lower side of things, but still not top 40.

      I go back and forth on my top two secondbasemen, but Morgan is one of them. He's definitely top three.

      I didn't vote on the Negro League players as I don't know what to do with them.
      Hey, this is my public apology for suddenly disappearing and missing out on any projects I may have neglected.


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