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Rube Marquard's parents?

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  • Rube Marquard's parents?

    I'm reading GH Fleming's great book, "The Unforgettable Season," which chronicles the 1908 NY Giants' season by reprinting articles from daily newspapers of the period.

    The Giants acquired Rube Marquard during the 1908 season, and shortly after he joined the team, an item appeared in the paper that was supposedly written by Marquard.

    In this article, Rube claims his parents were both killed when he was young. And yet, in "The Glory of their Times," Marquard talks at length about the falling-out he had with his father over Rube's desire to play baseball. They didn't speak for several years, and eventually reconciled -- or, that's what Rube said in "Glory of their Times."

    My guess is that Rube, still ticked at his father, claimed for the papers in 1908 that his parents were dead. But that's just a guess.

    I've seen tidbits of info about Marquard that seem to make him a very interesting character. Didn't he have some sort of contract problem, too? I seem to remember that...

    Any Marquard scholars out there who can tell me more about this guy?
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    Marquard's was the most entertaining yarn of those in Ritter's book. It should be--he had sixty years behind him honing that skill.
    A swing--and a smash--and a gray streak partaking/Of ghostly manoeuvres that follow the whack;/The old earth rebounds with a quiver and quaking/And high flies the dust as he thuds on the track;/The atmosphere reels--and it isn't the comet--/There follows the blur of a phantom at play;/Then out from the reel comes the glitter of steel--/And damned be the fellow that gets in the way.                 A swing and a smash--and the far echoes quiver--/A ripping and rearing and volcanic roar;/And off streaks the Ghost with a shake and a shiver,/To hurdle red hell on the way to a score;/A cross between tidal wave, cyclone and earthquake--/Fire, wind and water all out on a lark;/Then out from the reel comes the glitter of steel,/Plus ten tons of dynamite hitched to a spark.

    --Cobb, Grantland Rice


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