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Anyone reading Schmidt's book?

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  • Anyone reading Schmidt's book?

    Except for his religious views, I'm finding myself agreeing with almost everything he says. He seems to be much more articulate than the typical baseball player (I've read a number of books by ex-ballplayers, and he's easily the best writer of all of them - or maybe just has the best editor).

    Schmidt doesn't believe in asterisking the records, because he rightly observes that all records have been set under unequal circumstances. He advises that we become smarter fans and recognize the context that the stats were set in. He also believes that the best of each era are very comparable to one another, an idea that I've long expressed here at BBF.

    He posits that free agency, more than anything else, including steroids, has changed the face of the game. In a way, free agency may have also been a harbinger of steroids, as being free to sell your services to the highest bidder was certainly a motivating factor behind a player's push to improve his power numbers.

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    Hi Metal Ed

    Reading this book was as if I was sitting at a bar shooting the **** with him myself. The title is misleading, IMO, for it's all really just his humble opinions, based on his own experiences & insights -- with open-minded rationales accompanying them. No controversies, or sound-bite shattering quotes. Just honest and open-minded views. He's not a Bob Feller here.

    Schmidt does make a lot of really good points. I was surprised at his feelings about the DH, for instance. But, like you said, upon reading more, it really makes it hard to argue with him, as I thought I would want to. Makes you think.

    You're right, he's very articulate. And most thorough in conveying the points he wants to make.

    My only real critique is I wish he'd have chosen a Stan Hochman (a great longtime Philly writer -- and the ONLY one he mentions by name in the book ) to write it with. And while I wouldn't expect Schmidt to remember years and dates for every mentionable event as a Phillie, years were off, and one of his quotes (retirement speech) was inaccurate.
    I saw these instantly, while a Waggoner/Wank didn't catch some things, such as ... Giles wasn't the owner until 1981...

    Schmidt takes a very diplomatic approach to each topic, IMO.
    I get the "I'm not supreme to these present players or anybody" impression throughout.

    I do think he was rushed for a March release by Harper-Collins (baseball starved fans this time of year) -- and even moreso, "coached" by the publishing people for those "teaser" sound bites in recent interviews; i.e. "I tried greenies a couple of times" thing, though. JMHO. I believe a lot of people could be very mislead by the title (especially in Philly), as well as the "excerpts" provided prior to release.
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