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Ty Tyson, First Sportscaster

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  • Ty Tyson, First Sportscaster

    Well, perhaps "First" isn't 100% correct, but it's close.

    On April 19, 1927, Ty Tyson, announcer for WWJ Radio, sat behind a microphone and broadcast a game between the Tigers and Indians. (The Tigers won, 8-5.) More than five years earlier, Harold Arlin of Pittsburgh broadcast a Pirates game on an experimental basis, but Tyson, who would be the Tigers' radio voice for 17 years, was the first to air a full season of baseball.

    The broadcasts had some restrictions. Only home games were aired from 1927-1943. Sunday games were not broadcast from 1930 to '32, and neither Saturday nor Sunday games were broadcast in 1933.

    The oldest known game on tape can be bought at
    In this game on Sept. 20, 1934 Ty Tyson broadcasts a Tiger loss at the hands of the Yankees. (I don't get a cut of this, just happened to find it while searching.)

    On June 3, 1947 WWJ-TV broadcast its first Tigers game. Tyson handled the play-by-play for this game vs. the Yankees.

    Incidentally, the first Midwestern play-by-play broadcast from the scene was done at a Michigan-Wisconsin football game from the sold-out stands of Ferry Field. Ty Tyson did this one with the help of Doc Holland, and Michigan won 21-0. (One game had been broadcast in the East two years earlier.)

    Here is a place where you can learn more about him.
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    Harold Totten & Donald Wheeler, announcing game between the White Sox and the Philadelphia A's- 1926
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      Nice that Bob Uecker's grandfather?

      I just found this little tidbit:
      "1924 - WMAQ of Chicago broadcasts home games of the Chicago Cubs and White Sox. Hal Totten is the announcer and is later joined by Pat Flaherty."

      Thanks Jackie...I knew we could count on you!
      P.S.--those are some great shots of Ty Cobb in the Tigers forum. Thanks again!
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      "Someone asked me if I took steroids. I said, 'No. I had a contract with Wheaties.'"
      --Bob Feller


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        Tyson really deserves to win the Frick Award. Sure he's really dead but he was still fairly important.


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