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    Not sure if this is the right forum... but here goes.

    Just wondering if I could get some help around the forum.

    I'm currently working on a pretty major college research paper (upwards of 20+ pages) on Baseball's Impact on American Culture and likewise America's impact on baseball, and wondering if I could interview a few of the guys at the forum.

    One of the biggest aspects of my paper is going to be looking at fans of certain teams (I'll be interviewing at a ton of other fan sites) and seeing how the fans can impact the makeup/personality of their particular team.

    So anybody interested please either reply here or drop me a PM, it would be a huge help. People with AIM/GoogleTalk would be the best as I could have a more interactive conversation (please leave your screen name is applicable), but anyone is fine. It would only be a few questions (6-7 or so) and should take very little time.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sure, no problem. PM me.
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    Sean McAdam,


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      You can pm me as well.
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        PM me as well. I have IM, also.
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          You can PM me as well, unfortunately I don't have access to messenger.
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