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Best k/9 IP ratio in a single season?

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  • Best k/9 IP ratio in a single season?

    for starting pitchers its Randy Johnson, as we all know.

    but who has the best ratio in a season for closers?

    the best I found is Eric Gagne's 2003: 14.976 K per 9 innings!

    close behind is Billy Wagner's 1999 season: 14.946 K per 9

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    Well Matt Mantei had a higher K rate in 2001 of course he only pitched 7 innings.

    Eric Gagne is indeed first for relievers followed by Wagner then closely by Brad Lidge and Armando Benitez


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      I am pretty sure that I hold the record. When I was 12 in Little League, I only pitched one inning that season. I usually played first base. But when I pitched, I came in to close out one game. I faced the bottom of their lineup and struck out all three. I guess my K rate per 9 would have been 27.



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        Well you would be tied with 25 other pitchers with Ray Krawczyk having the most innings while maintaining 27 K per 9 inning rate with 2 innings all with strikeouts.


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          Ha! I have everyone beat. I pitched one inning in Little League and I faced four batters and struckout all four of them! (I struck one guy out but he got on because trhe dumb catcher couldn't catch my sinker). So I had a K/9 ratio of 36!!
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