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Of the pitchers during your lifetime...

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  • Of the pitchers during your lifetime...

    ...who would you give the ball to in a "must win" situation?

    I think I'm handing it to Pedro.

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    I would go with Curt Schilling. He's not the best pitcher I've ever seen but he has risen to the occasion multiple times. When he was on the same team as Randy Johnson and Pedro, I think Schilling was still the ace.
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    Rogers Hornsby, 1961


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      Sandy Koufax.
      Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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        greg maddux is the best pitcher since wwii so i'd go with him


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          Pedro in his prime.


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            Allright, Pedro-haters, let me issue a pre-emptive "shhh!". Now I know that any mention of Pedro Martinez will result in a flurry of "sure, if the game was 6 innings long, nyuck nyuck nyuck" responses.

            The poster is asking for one game. He's not asking for 35 starts, 35 complete games. Pedro in his prime could give you a few complete games. He completed 14 with Montreal in 1997. Could he do it every start without withering over the course of a season, no. But the question was one game.

            Pedro in his prime. He didn't go through 6 years of evil medical school to be called Mr., thank you very much.


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              Originally posted by bkmckenna
              greg maddux is the best pitcher since wwii so i'd go with him

              I guess it depends on what you mean by must win, but Maddux numbers in the post season are not that great so while I love him as a pitcher I am not sure he is my go to guy in a must win (though admittedly during the season he is as good as anyone and better than most)

              My pick would be John Smoltz.
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                Steve Carlton 1972-1984 era


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                  Curt Schilling

                  Some guys rise to the occasion, some guys wilther

                  Schilling LOVES those situations, it's all about for me he is a given


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                    Roger Clemens
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                      Koufax, a great big game pitcher who did it when it counted so many times. Plus, his stuff was flat out awesome.
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                        I'd probably pick Pedro for his pure stuff.......close second would be Randy Johnson for his big game abilities.
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                          Bob Gibson.


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                            juan marichal and sandy koufax
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                              Originally posted by MyDogSparty
                              ...who would you give the ball to in a "must win" situation?

                              I think I'm handing it to Pedro.
                              even if its against the Yankees?


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