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As Hitters: DiMaggio or Mize?

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  • As Hitters: DiMaggio or Mize?

    I have read some of these other interesting comparisons- Yaz and Kaline are very close. Two other players who I think are very comparable are Mize and DiMaggio. The question is, who would you want as your DH? (That is, we are not taking into account the fact that DiMaggio played center.)

    I would guess that most baseball fans would vote for DiMaggio in a landslide. And I suppose that some people here will say it isn't even close. But I think that Mize is vastly underrated as a hitter, and is very, very close to DiMaggio.

    Both players missed 3 years during the primes of their careers. Mize hung on for a little longer, playing until the age of 40, while DiMaggio only played until he was 36.

    Both players played during the same time frame, although, for the most part, in seperate leagues. DiMaggio has slightly better raw stats (at least what I call raw stats- BA, HR, RBI), Mize has slightly better adjusted stats (OPS +). Their batting averages would likely be identical if Mize did not play past age 36.

    Some people make a great deal about the advantages of hitting in a Yankees lineup, others state the pressures of playing in New York.

    Who would you rather have as your DH during his prime? I am interested in your vote and input. If DiMaggio, by how much?

    Joltin Joe DiMaggio
    Johnny Mize
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    Since they played during the same era we can check their avg per season.

    Johnny Mize .312/31/115/.397/.562
    Joe Dimaggio .325/34/143/.398/.579

    Dimaggio has higher per season BA/HR/RBI/OB/SLG
    Mize only has a 2 season lead on Joe so thats miniscule

    Joe beats him in RC/27 8.89 to 8.50 but Mize beats him in OPS+ 158 to
    155. Im not sure on this but I figured that Mize had the same advantage being a LH hitter as Ott in the Polo grounds. He later played in Yankee stadium which also has a short right field line. Dimaggio is the exact opposite. He played in a park that was against his strengths. I also think the AL was stronger during this time. Dimag also has a pretty big lead in HOF MONITOR and STANDARDS.

    I n closing I'd choose Joe every day of the week and twice of sundays. Mize is not light years away but still not pretty close imo.
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      Clearly Joe DiMaggio. Johnny Mize is greatly underrated as a hitter. But he just cannot keep pace with Joe D.

      Mize hd some distinct advantages in his home parks for a LH'ed hitter. Joe the exact opposite. Still Joe beats him in traditional and metical statisitics. This factor alone gives me the basis for selecting Joe.

      A better survey might be Joe DiMaggio vs. Rogers Hornsby. Both RH'ed hitters who were primarily high average hitters with good power. I think both had decent speed. The big difference is that Joe's primary 'hit area' was LF LCF. Hornsby was known for 'going the other way' much like Roberto Clemente was, but could pull the inside pitch when he got it in his wheelhouse.

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        I'd hace to say Joe D. He has a somewhat better RCAA in a little less time. No disrespect to Mize who was a monster at the plate.
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