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    I don't know where else to put this, but who are your all's favorite player for whatever reason. mine is david justice because he graduated from my small little northern kentucky prep school.

    i enjoy smileys...

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    My favorite current player would probably have to be "Big" Ben Sheets because I really like his attitude on the field and his curveball is arguably the prettiest in the majors (his or zito's).

    My favorite retired player would be "Indian Bob" Johnson. Didn't get to play until he was 27, but I think you could argue for players who didn't play until they were 27, he's damn close to Gavvy Cravath as the best. I believe both Cravath and Johnson are HOF calibre players. I also think if Johnson had played a few years earlier for those A's teams that everyone remembers, and even if he had only been 27 in 1930 instead, he would be a HOFer today.

    Originally posted by Bob Carroll
    "Consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, but it can also make certain ballplayers nigh unto invisible. Indian Bob Johnson never had one of those super seasons that make everyone sit up and whistle. While phenoms came, collected their MVP trophies, and faded, he just kept plodding along hitting .300, with a couple dozen homers and a hundred ribbies year after a guy punching a time clock.
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    "It was like coming this close to your dreams and then watching them brush past you like a stranger in a crowd. At the time you don't think much of it; you know, we just don't recognize the significant moments of our lives while they're happening. Back then I thought, 'Well, there'll be other days.' I didn't realize that that was the only day." - Moonlight Graham


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      Danny Heep. Oh, I hated the Mets with a passion but when I was a kid I loved Strat-O-Matic and Heep was my pinch-hitter extraordinaire.

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      Man, I think I have a problem separating reality from fantasy.

      Seriously though, my favourite player is/was Rance Mulliniks. Anyone who looks like the company accountant and manages to consistantly deliver the goods is OK with me. There was something of the underdog about Mulliniks. It was impossible not to cheer for the guy.

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        My Favorite is a tie between Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax.

        I read a biography on Koufax, and on Gibson I read "From Ghetto to glory" and i was hooked on baseball.
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        There's no such thing as an ultimate stat.


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          All-Time: Roger Clemens
          Active: Albert Pujols

          Moving thread.
          "It is a simple matter to erect a Hall of Fame, but difficult to select the tenants." -- Ken Smith
          "I am led to suspect that some of the electorate is very dumb." -- Henry P. Edwards
          "You have a Hall of Fame to put people in, not keep people out." -- Brian Kenny
          "There's no such thing as a perfect ballot." -- Jay Jaffe


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            My favorite player now is Alex Rodriguez.....HM to Ramirez, Pujols, Jeter, Martinez etc.

            My all-time favorite player is Lou Gehrig...HM to Foxx, Grove, Dimaggio
            "I was pitching one day when my glasses clouded up on me. I took them off to polish them. When I looked up to the plate, I saw Jimmie Foxx. The sight of him terrified me so much that I haven't been able to wear glasses since." - Left Gomez

            "(Lou) Gehrig never learned that a ballplayer couldn't be good every day." - Hank Gowdy


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              Present:Ichiro,Big Papi
              Past:Ty Cobb, Willy Mays, Walter Johnson
              Outside of MLB:Cool Papa Bell


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