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    Final picture of same game a little bit closer to home plate.


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      Largest Crowd

      I am actually helping our local city councilman to get this game and these photographs recognized by the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

      The largest crowd is the October 10, 1915 Championship Game at Brookside Park (Stadium) in Cleveland, OH (next to the Cleveland Zoo). The game between White Auto (Cleveland, OH) and Omaha Luxus (Omaha, NE) is believed to have had between 100,000 and 115,000 fans in attendence. It was orchestrated by the Cleveland Baseball Federation (founded in 1910 by a group of business owners to promote adult baseball) which is the oldest amature baseball organization in the country.

      These photos can be found on the Library of Congress website at "" ...just put in the search the words "Brookside" "White" "Auto" and you will get 3 different pictures. You can also search for the 1914 photo which might look a little better. The digital images are available right on the "" site, but you'll need someone to print them for you as they are about 7.3" tall and 38" wide. (I tried to attache the photos, but couldn't)

      We are in the process of getting tow of the images produced and they will soon be displayed at the "Baseball As America" exhibit (the traveling National Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit) at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland.

      There was an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer written back on March 5, 2007 that gives a few of the details.

      ....The story was on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer the day after the game as well. Here's an excerpt from the article...

      “The great bowl at Brookside Park yesterday afternoon was jammed with the greatest crowd of fans in the history of the national pastime. Over 10 percent of the population of the sixth city of the United States turned out on a chilly afternoon.” - The Plain Dealer – October 11, 1915

      If anyone has any additional information or advice that might help us get this recognized by Cooperstown - it would be appreciated.


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        Cleveland surely didn't have over 1 million people back in 1915, did they? And that's not the first time I've heard it referenced as The Sixth City. What does that mean?

        Good luck, JohnDog. Thanks for posting the information.
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          Originally posted by trosmok View Post
          On May 7, 1959 the largest crowd ever in the LA Coliseum came out for Roy Campanella Day. Sandy Koufax pitched the LA Dodgers to a 6-2 victory over the New York Yankees in an exhibition game. Will try to find the box score, but like most exhibitions, they are a little tougher to locate. :atthepc

          Rats! I just came across a different source that said the Yankees won 6-2.
          Any help?
          Yanks won 6-2, Norm Siebern hit a homer & a triple off of Sandy Koufax who pitched into the 6th inning of the exhibition game. The Dodgers had actually played the Giants in San Francisco earlier in the day and traveled down to LA for the game against the Yankees.


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            Is this the location of the Brookside park game?


            Brookside Park also has a place in sporting lore, having hosted the reputedly largest baseball crowd in Cleveland's history, when the White Autos of Cleveland met Omaha in the World Amateur Baseball Championship.[5] On October 10, 1915, a reported crowd of 115,000 sprawled along and below the park's northern bluff, directly west of today's Fulton Road Bridge, and cheered as the home team seized the day.

            A larger pic of the earlier one...



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              Nice thread. Just when you thought we had covered everything several times over. I have a nice book which lists the largest attendance for various ballparks. Unfortunately, it was published in 2000, so lacks the attendance for the last 11 years. But still, it is interesting to peruse the numbers.

              Take Me Out To the Ballpark: An Illustrated Tour of Baseball Parks, Past and Present, by Josh Leventhal, 2000.

              Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - 92,706 - October 6, 1959 (vs. White Sox) (Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-1961) (Also simply known as The Coliseum.)
              Cleveland Stadium - 86,288 - October 10, 1948 (vs. Braves) (Home of Cleveland Indians, 1932-1993)
              Yankee Stadium - 85,265 - September 9, 1928 (vs. A's) (Home of New York Yankees, 1923-1973) (closed for renovation, 1974-1975)
              Veterans Stadium - 68,816 - October 16, 1983 (vs. Orioles) (Home of Philadelphia Phillies since 1971) (Home of Phillies, 1971-present)
              Pro Player Stadium - 67,498 - October 25, 1997 (vs. Indians) (Home of Florida Marlins, 1993-present)
              Qualcomm Stadium - 65,427 - October 21, 1998 (vs. Yankees) (Home of San Diego Padres, 1969-present) (Also known as Jack Murphy Stadium, 1980-1996)
              Edison International Field - 64,406 - October 5, 1982 (vs. Brewers) (Home of Anaheim Angels, 1996-present)
              Candlestick Park - 62,084 - October 9, 1989 (vs. Cubs) (Home of the San Francisco Giants, 1960-1999)
              Polo Grounds - 60,747 - May 31, 1937 (vs. Dodgers) (Home of Giants, 1891-1957; Home of New York Yankees, 1913-1922; Home of New York Mets, 1962-1963)
              Olympic Stadium - 59,282 - September 16, 1979 (vs. Cardinals) (Home of Montreal Expos, 1977-present)
              Tiger Stadium - 58,369 - July 20, 1947 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Detroit Tigers, 1912-1999) (Also known as Navin Field, 1912-1937; Briggs Stadium, 1938-1960)
              Yankee Stadium (since 1975 renovation) - 57,485 - October 7, 1999 (vs. Rangers) (Home of New York Yankees, 1976-2010)
              Shea Stadium - 57,175 - June 13, 1965 (vs. Dodgers) (Home of New York Mets, 1964-present)
              Cinergy Field - 56,393 - October 16, 1975 (vs. Red Sox) (Home of Cincinnati Reds, 1970-present)
              Milwaukee County Stadium - 56,562 - October 17, 1982 (vs. Cardinals) (Home of Milwaukee Braves, 1953-1965; Home of Milwaukee Brewers, 1970-present)
              Dodger Stadium - 56,242 - October 24, 1981 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Los Angeles Dodgers, 1962-present) (Also known as Chavez Ravine)
              Busch Stadium - 56,782 - October 14, 1996 (vs. Braves) (Home of St. Louis Cardinals, 1966-present)
              Astrodome - 54,037 - September 28, 1999 (vs. Reds) (Home of Houston Astros, 1965-1999)
              Comiskey Park - 55,555 - May 20, 1973 (vs. Twins) (Home of Chicago White Sox, 1910-1990)
              Three Rivers Stadium - 54,274 - April 8, 1991 (vs. Expos) (Home of Pittsburgh Pirates, 1970-present)
              Memorial Stadium - 52,371 - April 4,1988 (vs. Brewers) (Home of Baltimore Orioles, 1954-1991)
              Turner Field - 52,335 - October 12,1999 (vs. Mets) (Home of Atlanta Braves, 1997-present)
              Skydome - 52,268 - October 22, 1992 (vs. Braves) (Home of Toronto Blue Jays, 1989-present)
              Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome - 55,376 - October 25, 1987 (vs. Cardinals) (Home of Minnesota Twins, 1982-present)
              Wrigley Field - 51,556 - June 27, 1930 (vs. Dodgers) (Home of Chicago Cubs, 1916-present) (Also known as Cubs Park, 1916-1926)
              Network Associates Coliseum - 51,263 - July 7, 1999 (vs. Giants) (Home of the Oakland Athletics, 1968-prese
              The Ballpark in Arlington - 50,860 - October 4, 1996 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Texas Rangers, 1994-present)
              Coors Field - 51,490 - July 3, 1999 (vs. Padres) (Home of Colorado Rockies, 1995-present)
              Chase Field, formerly Bank One Ballpark - 49,707 - May 22, 1998 (vs. Dodgers) (Home of Arizona Diamondbacks, 1998-present)
              Oriole Park at Camden Yards - 48,544 - July 24,1999 (vs. Angels) (Home of Baltimore Orioles, 1992-present)
              Fenway Park - 47,627 - September 22, 1935 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Boston Red Sox, 1912-present)
              Braves Field - 47,123 - May 22, 1932 (vs. Phillies) (Home of Boston Braves, 1915-1952)
              Citizens Bank Park - 46,651 (Home of the Philadelphia Phillies, 2004-present)
              Tropicana Field - 45,369 - March 31, 1998 (vs. Tigers) (Home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
              Jacobs Field - 45,274 - October 4, 1997 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Cleveland Indians, 1994-present)
              Comerica Park -45,010 (Home of the Detroit Tigers, 2000-present)
              Comiskey Park II - 44,249 - October 5, 1993 (vs. Blue Jays) (Home of Chicago White Sox, 1991-present)
              Forbes Field - 44,932 - September 23,1956 (vs. Dodgers) (Home of Pittsburgh Pirates, 1909-1970)
              Kauffman Stadium - 42,039 - October 9, 1980 (vs. Yankees) (Home of the Kansas City Royals, 1973-present)
              Ebbets Field - 41,209 - May 30, 1934 (vs. Giants) (Home of Brooklyn Dodgers, 1913-1957)
              Shibe Park - 38,800 - July 13, 1931 (vs. Senators) (Home of Philadelphia Athletics, 1909-1954; Home of Philadelphia Phillies, 1938-1970) (Also known as Connie Mack Stadium, 1953-1970)
              Crosley Field - 36,691 - April 27, 1947 (vs. Pirates) (Home of Cincinnati Reds, 1912-1970)
              Griffith Stadium - 35,563 - July 4, 1936 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Washington Senators, 1911-1961)
              Municipal Stadium - 35,147 - August 8, 1962 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Kansas City Athletics, 1955-1967; Home of Kansas City Royals, 1969-1972)
              Sportsman's Park - 34,625 - October 1, 1944 (vs. Yankees) (Home of St. Louis Browns, 1902-1953; Home of St. Louis Cardinals, 1920-1966) (Also known as Busch Stadium, 1953-1966)
              League Park - 28,686 - June 16, 1920 (vs. Yankees) (Home of Cleveland Indians, 1901-1946) (Also known as Dunn Field, 1916-1927)
              Baker Bowl - 23,337 - August 8, 1908 (vs. Pirates) (Home of Philadelphia Phillies, 1887-1938)
              Safeco Field (Home of the Seattle Mariners, 1999-presnt) No figures available from this book.
              AT&T Park, formerly Pacific Bell Park, renamed SBC Park (Home of San Francisco Giants, 2000-present) No figures available from this book.
              Petco Park (Home of San Diego Padres, 2004-present) No figures available from this book.
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                Originally posted by bandit12 View Post
                Is this the location of the Brookside park game?


                A larger pic of the earlier one...

                That may be, but I don't think it is because nether Fulton or Denison are visible in the the pictures. I think the location of the game may have been further south at the present site of the zoo or further west under what is the present day I-71.


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                  Just found this, did we ever come up with a final decision of what 1 game had the largest attendance in history?
                  The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time.


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                    According to the Guinness Book of World Records it's 115,300.

                    Red Sox @ Dodgers in the Coliseum, March 29, 2008.
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                      Thanks I forgot about that.
                      The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time.


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