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    I just wanted to know if anybody had a list of favorite players at each position that remotely resembled their list of the best players at each position. For me, not a single one matches:


    C: Berra (or Gibson)
    1B: Gehrig
    2B: Hornsby
    SS: Wagner
    3B: Traynor
    LF: Williams
    CF: Cobb
    RF: Ruth

    RHP: W. Johnson
    LHP: Grove


    C: Bresnahan
    1B: Foxx
    2B: B. Martin
    SS: Jeter
    3B: McGraw
    LF: Delahanty
    CF: P. Martin
    RF: Strawberry

    RHP: Dean
    LHP: Waddell

    Not a single guy from the first list shows up on the second. Do other people have their all time greats as favorites, or no?
    "Simply put, the passion, interest and tradition surrounding baseball in New York is unmatched."

    Sean McAdam,

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    Favorites invariably are going to be players/teams that we follow more closely... and definitely less objective


    C: Berra
    1B: Gehrig
    2B: Hornsby
    SS: Wagner
    3B: Schmidt
    LF: Williams
    CF: Mays (or Cobb)
    RF: Ruth

    RHP: W. Johnson
    LHP: Grove


    C: Tim McCarver (or Ted Simmons)
    1B: Albert Pujols (can interchange with Musial)
    2B: Craig Counsell
    SS: Ozzie Smith
    3B: Ken Boyer (or Eddie Mathews)
    LF: Stan Musial
    CF: Curt Flood
    RF: Hank Aaron

    RHP: Bob Gibson
    LHP: Randy Johnson

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      good idea, eh

      c: johnny bench
      1b: willie mc covey
      2b: robby thompson
      3b: brooks robinson
      ss: tito fuentes
      lf: barry bonds
      c: willie mays
      rf: roberto clemente

      p: juan marichal

      seen 'em all on the field doin' their thing.
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        A novel idea

        Just my favorites

        2B-J. Robinson


        Mickey Mantle 1956 Triple Crown Winner


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          I'll pass on who I feel is the best at each position, but I will offer my favorites at each position.

          C) Yogi Berra (The only guy on my list I never saw play)
          1B) Don Mattingly (the only reason to watch the Yanks in the 80's)
          2B) Pete Rose (He did start there)
          3B) Mike Schmidt ( also the best)
          SS) Derek Jeter (the definition of a gamer)
          LF) Carl Yastrzemski (nobody ever did so much for one team as he did in 1967)
          CF) Mickey Mantle (My first baseball hero)
          RF) Reggie Jackson (He made the Yanks winners again)
          RH) Nolan Ryan (not the best, but we'll nevr see another like him)
          LH) Ron Guidry (Never seems to get the credit he deserves)
          RP) Mariano Rivera (The most important player of the current run)


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            Favorites are in parentheses, and I don't have any favorites played before I was born or can really remember following baseball:

            1B: Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx (Eddie Murray, Tino Martinez)
            2B: Eddie Collins, Rogers Hornsby (Alfonso Soriano, Willie Randolph)
            SS: Honus Wagner, Alex Rodriguez (Derek Jeter, Barry Larkin - I always feel like a girl when I admit Jeter is my favorite)
            3B: Mike Schmidt, George Brett (George Brett, Wade Boggs)
            C: Johnny Bench, Yogi Berra (Gary Carter, Jorge Posada)
            LF: Ted Williams, Stan Musial (Shane Spencer, Rickey Henderson - Was Barry Bonds for a long time)
            CF: Willie Mays, Ty Cobb (Bernie Williams, Lenny Dykstra)
            RF: Babe Ruth, Hank Aaon (Paul O'Neill, Tony Gwynn)
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              Jeter and Strawberry are my only favorites that I've actually seen play; Jeter because he's Jeter, and Strawberry because he had the prettiest swing I've ever seen, and that nifty (if pointless and detrimental to the team) way of catching pop flies. The others are the guys who really made me love baseball... the guys I read about as a kid who made me love the game more than watching it ever could (well, at least watching it in the 80's).
              "Simply put, the passion, interest and tradition surrounding baseball in New York is unmatched."

              Sean McAdam,


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                Certainly Not The Best,but without a doubt my favorites...From The 1960's...1b-Bill White/Willie McCovey. 2b-Bill Mazeroski/Dick McAuliffe SS-Luis Aparicio/Maury Wills..3b-Brooks Robinson/Harmon Killerbrew..C-Bill Freehan,Elston Howard...OF-Carl Yaz/Al Kaline/Frank Robinson,Willie Mays/Henry Aaaron/Roberto Clemente...P-Sandy Koufax/Juan Marichal/Mudcat Grant/Dick Radatz/Hoyt Whilhem/Gary Peters/Chris Short/Bob Gibson.....My favorite era by the way....


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                  My favorites I would probably list are the guys I love to argue for or am amazed at things they did or have significance that reaches outside just being a fan of the game.

                  Catcher-Bench/Berra (i've never really come to a strict conclusion on which is the best)
                  1B-Lou Gehrig
                  2B-Eddie Collins
                  3B-Mike Schmidt
                  SS-Honus Wagner
                  LF-Stan Musial
                  CF-Ty Cobb
                  RF-Babe Ruth

                  RHP-Walter Johnson
                  LHP-Randy Johnson

                  Catcher-Ted Simmons
                  1B-Johnny Mize
                  2B-Jackie Robinson
                  3B-Wade Boggs/Paul Molitor (since I didn't liste a DH position)
                  SS-Robin Yount
                  LF-Stan Musial
                  CF-Ken Griffey Jr. (the first positional player outside of Milwaukee that I loved to follow)/Richie Ashburn
                  RF-Rocky Colavito

                  RHP-Ben Sheets (the first briht sign for Brewers pitching since Teddy Higuera)
                  LHP-Randy Johnson

                  So 2 sames. Unit and Musial.
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                    I kind of think it's hard to surmise favorites without actually seeing a player play. Accounts and retrospects can only recreate so much, but I don't think one can ever fully gauge a players personality, the way they play and approach the game, and the way the fans react to them, without actually seeing them. That's just my opinion.


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                      Echoing what John said in the second post, my favorites are invariably tied to the Cardinals I saw play.

                      1B--Lou Gehrig
                      2B--Rogers Hornsby
                      3B--Mike Schmidt
                      SS--Honus Wagner
                      OF--Ted Williams
                      OF--Willie Mays
                      OF--Stan Musial
                      C---Johnny Bench
                      RHP-Roger Clemens
                      LHP-Randy Johnson (special mention for Lefty Grove because it's close)

                      My favorites are inevitable for me:
                      1B--Albert Pujols
                      2B--Tommy Herr
                      3B--Scott Rolen
                      OF--Ray Lankford
                      OF--Willie McGee
                      OF--Lonnie Smith
                      RHP-Bob Gibson (special mention for Daryl Kile)
                      LHP-John Tudor/"Headache" Joe Magrane
                      Announcer--Jack Buck

                      (This is the reason I don't really have favorite players anymore. I tend to root for all players that don't play for the Cubs. )


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                        Originally posted by therealnod
                        Echoing what John said in the second post, my favorites are invariably tied to the Cardinals I saw play.
                        This I don't really get. My three favorite outfielders that I've seen in my lifetime -- Manny Ramirez, Ichiro Suzuki, and Daryll Strawberry -- only had a few brief backup years (Daryll) playing for my Yanks, and all had their heydays elsewhere. I just appreciate players, regardless of what uniform they happen to be wearing.
                        "Simply put, the passion, interest and tradition surrounding baseball in New York is unmatched."

                        Sean McAdam,


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                          1b Gehrig
                          2b Hornsby
                          ss Wagner
                          3b Schmidt
                          of Williams
                          of Cobb
                          of Ruth
                          c Berra

                          rhp W Johnson
                          lhp L Grove

                          1b Gehrig/Foxx/Pujols
                          2b soriano
                          3b chavez
                          ss Jeter
                          of Dimaggio
                          of Mantle
                          of Williams/cobb
                          c Berra/Posada

                          rhp K Brown
                          lhp A Pettite
                          "I was pitching one day when my glasses clouded up on me. I took them off to polish them. When I looked up to the plate, I saw Jimmie Foxx. The sight of him terrified me so much that I haven't been able to wear glasses since." - Left Gomez

                          "(Lou) Gehrig never learned that a ballplayer couldn't be good every day." - Hank Gowdy


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                            Originally posted by therealnod

                            (This is the reason I don't really have favorite players anymore. I tend to root for all players that don't play for the Cubs. )
                            This should help you understand where I'm coming from. My favorite players tend to come from the era when the Cards were WS participants or victors. I forgot catcher, btw, at which Darrell Porter would be listed. That is a list that I would've presented in an earlier age. Now that I've "matured" and chewed on and examined all the various aspects of the game, I no longer think of players as favorites. I like the best players because they're the best, not for other reasons. I don't really have favorites any more. They're all my favorite.

                            Except for any Cub.
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                              I won't bother naming "best" as most will coincide with others' choices.

                              Favorites (I've seen them all, mostly biased toward Sox):

                              C: Bench
                              1B: Scott
                              2B: Morgan
                              SS: Garciaparra
                              3B: Schmidt
                              LF: Yastrzemski
                              CF: Lynn
                              RF: Aaron
                              DH: Rice

                              LHP: Hurst
                              RHP: Tiant
                              Closer: Eckersley


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