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    I know there have been a lot of who's your all-time all-star team, but what I'm proposing is who would be your B-Team? Or, to put it another way, write down your all-time all-star team, then write a new team where they are ineligible. What would it look like?

    Mine would be:
    C- Johnny Bench
    1B- Lou Gehrig
    2B- Joe Morgan
    3B- George Brett
    SS - Honus Wagner
    LF - Rickey Henderson
    CF - Mickey Mantle
    RF - Stan Musial

    SP - Grover Alexander, Greg Maddux, Steve Carlton, Walter Johnson, and Cy Young.

    For the Record, my A-Team (at the moment)
    C- Roy Campanella
    1B- Jimmie Foxx
    2B - Jackie Robinson
    3B - Mike Schmidt
    SS - Alex Rodriguez
    LF - Hank Aaron
    CF - Willie Mays
    RF - Frank Robinson

    SP - Mathewson, Koufax, Spahn, Nichols, and Grove
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    My A Team

    C. Johnny Bench
    1B. Lou Gehrig
    2B. Roger Hornsby
    SS. Honus Wagner
    3B. Mike Schmidt
    LF. Ted Williams
    CF. Ty Cobb
    RF. Babe Ruth
    SP> Walter Johnson,Lefty Grove,Pete Alexander,Randy Johnson,Greg Maddux
    Close Mariano Rivera

    B Team

    C. Yogi Berra
    1B. Jimmy Foxx
    2B. Eddie Collins
    SS. Alex Rodriguez
    3B. Eddie Mathews
    LF. Barry Bonds
    CF. Willie Mays
    RF. Hank Aaron
    SP. Roger Clemens,Warren Spahn,Christy Mathewson,Carl Hubbell,Cy Young
    Closer Billy Wagner

    I used at least two leftys in each rotation otherwise Seaver would have made the list.
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